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9:00 pm, February 24
#9-iowa-logo#9 Iowa
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7:00 pm, February 25
#19-usc-logo#19 USC
9:00 pm, February 25
#14-texas-logo#14 Texas
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12:00 pm, February 27
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12:00 pm, February 27
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#2-baylor-logo#2 Baylor
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Week 5 Recap


September 30, 2012

I hope this isn’t late.

 25 Baylor at 9 West Virginia

This game  was back and forth Geno Smith Touchdown!, Nick Florence Touchdown! There were 42 combined points in the second quarter. It was 35-all at the break. The Qb’s combined for 14 TD’s. 56-35 West Virginia with 19 minutes to go and Nick Florence ! to Terrance Williams. He was wide open. Then just 4 minutes later, Florence runs it in and Baylor is down by a Touchdown.Just 19 seconds later. Geno! 87 yards to Stedman Bailey. Later , its 70-56 WVU and Nick Florence throws it to Terrance Williams with 3:08.West Virginia still winning though all they need is a first down to run out the clock, and they get it! The Mountaineers win 70-63.Geno Smith throws for 658 yards and 8 TD’s. Stedman Bailey and Tevon Austin combine for 518 yards receiving and 7 TD’s. In the loss Baylor’s Nick Florence throws for 518 yards and 5 TD’s he also runs for another score.

Q: How do you stop Geno Smith?

A: I really don’t know! This guy is unbelievable!

14 Ohio State at 20 Michigan State

Urban Meyer going for his first Big 10 W taking on Michigan State. So it’s 10-6 Ohio State and Kieth Mumphrey gets past 6 guys and the Spartans go up 13-10. 63 yard pass from Braxton Miller and the buckeyes are up 17-13. Braxton Miller throws for 179 and ran for 136.Ohio State goes on to win 17-16.

Mississippi at 1 Alabama

Jeff Scott runs it in and goes up 7-6 for Mississippi but it was all ‘bama from there. 33-14 is your final.

Tennessee at 5 Georgia

This game was back and forth and back and forth. But with 1:22 left UGA up seven Georgia’s Jordan Jenkins strips the ball from Tennessee’s Tyler Bray, GAME OVER!

6 South Carolina at Kentucky

UK who lost to Western Kentucky is up 17-7 at the half but South Carolina outscores UK 31 to zip in the second half 38-17 Gamecocks crush UK.

Q: How good is the Georgia O

A: “one of the best in the SEC”.

Q: What makes South Carolina so good?

A: Steve Spurrier has a great team all-around. They can Run , they can pass , and they have one of the most underrated “D’s” in the SEC.

Q: Georgia and South Carolina play next week. Who will win?

A: I have South Carolina in a close one because it is in Columbia.\

12 Texas at Oklahoma State

41-36 Texas and OMG Oklahoma State pulling a Boise State the best I have ever seen the last second laterol or however you spell that. Texas wins it though 41-36

2 Oregon at Washington State

51-26 the ducks win.


18 Oregon State at Arizona

‘Zona wearing copper tops trying to knock off unbeaten Oregon State and with 5:34 left Matt Scott throws it too Austin Hill and Arizona is up 35-31!Later A buck 9 to go Touchdown Oregon State! the beavers win 38-35.

Texas Tech at Iowa State

One of the few battle of unbeaten teams. Iowa State was up 13-7 but then Texas Tech scores 17 unanswered to win 24-13.

Indiana at Northwestern

Indiana was winning 27-14 but in the end it was 44-29 Northwestern.NW stays unbeaten.

Minnesota at Iowa

Minnesota is unbeaten? Really! No. Not anymore. Iowa wins 31-13

Louisiana Tech at Virginia

Virginia trying to bounce back from 2 straight losses LTU trying to stay unbeaten.UVA was up 24-10 but 1 1/2 quarters later LTU is up 44-24. Because of 2 things.1. Micheal Rocco threw 3 INT’s (it should have been 7).and 2. In the game UVA had 145 yards of penalties. any ways after a clock wasting 6 minute drive Philip Sims (UVA’s Backup) throws it to Jake McGhee. then with 3 minutes left Sims throws another TD so it’s 44-38 and we’ve got a ball game. but UVA does not go for the onside kick. 3rd and 1. half of the fans have left but it’s still the loudest it has been the entire game so its 4th and 1 and LTU is going to go for it but Mike London has 1 last player to send out and  so UVA gets called for 12 men on the field and LTU gets that game winning first down and UVA fans sure are mad at London.

Geno Smith was incredible vs Baylor he threw for 656 yards and 8 TD’s.

4 Florida State at USF

Fsu wins 30-17.

North Carolina State at Miami

Stephan Morris throws for a school-record 566 yards and has a last second hail-mary to top it off. Miami wins 44-37

Wisconsin at 22 Nebraska

The uniforms weren’t that great but the game was. 30-27 Nebraska wins.

Braxton Miller threw for 179 yards and ran for 136.

Question of the Week

Q:Can you still call the Big 10 “elite”?

A:Ohio State and Northwestern are the Big 10’s last hopes.

Towson at 3 LSU

Towson was winning 7-3 but LSU wins 38-22.

19 Louisville at Southern Mississippi

It was rainy. There were fumbles. but Louisville wins 21-17.

Player of the Week Candidates

Todd Gurley RB Georgia

24 Rush,130 yards,3 TD in W vs Tennessee

Johnny  Manziel QB Texas A&M

29-38, 453 yards, 3 TD, 104 rush yards, Rush TD in W vs Arkansas

Kain Colter QB Northwestern

161 rush yards, 4 rush TD, 131 rec yards

Stedman Bailey WR West Virginia

13 Rec, 303 yards, 5 TD in W vs Baylor

Thanks to pollcode.com for the poll

Player of the Week
pollcode.com free polls 

15 TCU at SMU

Matthew Tucker runs it in to put TCU up 21-7. It was a little bit closer than most people expected 24-16 TCU is your final.

17 Clemson at Boston College

BC was up 7-0 but Clemson is still one of the top teams in the nation even if the polls don’t say so. 45-31 Final.


My Top 5

1 Alabama

2 Oregon

3 Florida State

4 Georgia



3 Florida State

7 Kansas State

15 TCU

11 Texas

Texas Tech

8 West Virginia

22 Rutgers


19 Louisville

12 Ohio State

24 Northwestern


2 Oregon

14 Oregon State

5 Georgia

6 South Carolina

10 Florida

1 Alabama


20 Mississippi State


Louisiana Tech

9 Notre Dame


Middle Tennessee State destroying Georgia Tech in Bobby Dodd Stadium 49-28. MTSU lost to McNesse State at home.

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  1. rebeccaberlin

    I know that The best team they have played is Arizona but my new favorite team is Oregon. They are so fast and fun to watch. As for UVA, I am looking forward to watching Sims on Saturday.


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