#14-creighton-logo#14 Creighton
#10-villanova-logo#10 Villanova
8:30 pm, March 3
#17-oklahoma-state-logo#17 Oklahoma State
#3-baylor-logo#3 Baylor
7:00 pm, March 4
#15-texas-logo#15 Texas
#16-oklahoma-logo#16 Oklahoma
9:00 pm, March 4
#17-oklahoma-state-logo#17 Oklahoma State
#6-west-virginia-logo#6 West Virginia
2:00 pm, March 6
#4-illinois-logo#4 Illinois
#7-ohio-state-logo#7 Ohio State
4:00 pm, March 6
12:00 pm, March 7
#25-wisconsin-logo#25 Wisconsin
#5-iowa-logo#5 Iowa
12:30 pm, March 7
#18-texas-tech-logo#18 Texas Tech
#3-baylor-logo#3 Baylor
4:00 pm, March 7
#16-oklahoma-logo#16 Oklahoma75
#17-oklahoma-state-logo#17 Oklahoma State79
#3-baylor-logo#3 Baylor94
#6-west-virginia-logo#6 West Virginia89
#4-illinois-logo#4 Illinois76
#2-michigan-logo#2 Michigan53
#25-wisconsin-logo#25 Wisconsin69
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November 8, 2012

OKAY because I am so busy I have to push all 3 of these articles into one so here’s how it’s going to work: i’ll give you my projection then i’ll do the recap and I will reveal last week’s player of the week with this weeks candidates. This might also be on the shorter end of the recap’s because I am backed up because I am working on a 2 part college bball preview and have 28 of 32 parts done for part 1 and need to get started on part 2. but without further ado this college football article starts……. RIGHT NOW!

1 Alabama at 5 LSU

My pick: LSU

Lets start 7-3 bama and LSU setting up for a field goal but this is the mad hatter It’s a fakE! but Alabama was ready for it. 3 safety and 2 corners who did  not blitz to block the kick swarm to the ball. I think LSU should have taken the easy 3. 11 seconds left in the half and AJ McCarron looking… looking no one open and McCarron runs it in for the score! 14-3 bama at  the break. 3rd quarter LSU just scored a TD and they try the onside kick.and recover it! but the kicker touched it at the 9 1/2 yard mark ( It must go 10 yards to be legal) so ‘Bama retakes the momentum. Bama ball. Later  still bama ball. same score. Bama driving and he fumbles it! LSU drives and to cap it off a Zach Mettenberger pass to Jarvis Landry 14 Yards for the score. 17-14 LSU. 1 minute 34 seconds left LSU lining up for the 40+ yard field goal is no good so Alabama takes over. A.J. McCarron  finds T.J. Yeldon for the -1 yard pass but Yeldon makes a couple moves and goes all the way. Alabama wins 21-17.

The LSU defense shut down McCarron in the second half. minus the game-winning drive McCarron had 1 completion for 0 yards in the second half.

A.J. McCarron was 14/27, 165 yards and 1 TD and no INT’s passing he also ran for a TD.

Question of the Week Finalist

Q: How did LSU lose? they had 0 turnovers, Alabama had 2. LSU nearly doubled the time of Possession of Alabama. ‘bama was 10% on 3rd down conversions,  LSU was 50%.LSU had 104 more yards than ‘bama. LSU had 4 more 1st downs than ‘bama. Team Leaders:LSU’s Zach Mettenberger had 133 more yards passing than ‘bama’s McCarron. LSU’s Jeremy Hill had 24 more yards rushing than  ‘bama’s Eddie Lacy. LSU’s Jarvis Landry had 14 more receiving yards than ‘bama’s Kevin Norwood. and LSU still lost. How did this happen?

A: 2 reasons 1:Alabama dominated on the line but 2:LSU was winning with a minute left by 3 but bama had ONE good drive. if LSU’s kicker made that field goal 1:LSU would be  up by 6 and 2: Alabama would not have as good field position.

Pittsburgh at 3 Notre Dame

my pick: ND

Lets start in the first 3-0 irish and Ray Graham gets the handoff and he…could…go…all…the…way… tackled at the 25 or so. Pitt would have to settle for a field goal. Kyle Brindza gets a quick 3 for the irish to make it 6-3 but Pitt gets in the endzone first with a Ray Grahm tough it out type of run. Then Tino Sunseri to J.P. Holtz for the 9 yard touchdown pass that made it 17-6.Then Pitt knocking on the door again and Ray Gramh is stuffed! at the 4. Pitt would settle for a field goal but come on it’s the luck of the irish the best 4th quarter comeback in history is about to begin and Everett Golson to TJ Jones for the 11 Yd Touchdown hook-up. but Kyle Brindza misses the PAT so it’s 20-12 and Pitt will just run out the clock right? wrong! ND gets the ball back with 3 minutes and change so Golson airs it out long and it’s complete down inside the 20. Golson would find Theo Riddick for the ND TD.But it all comes down to this 20-18 Pitt Notre Dame has to go for two and Golson looking, looking buys some time and does it himself with his feet!20-all so we go to OT!in the first OT Notre Dame and Pitt trade field goals but in double OT Golson runs it in and the irish have taken a 7 point lead! rejoice Pitt needs to score a TD which they haven’t done scince the middle of the 3rd but wait Golson fumbles it so all Pitt needs is a field goal and it’s over here is my #1 rated commentary for this kick:Kevin Harper lining up to kick… snaps high, kicks off it looks like it’s long enough… it’s curving…. wide right! he’s missed it wide right!!Pitt would get a 44 yarder in triple OT to putt Pitt up 26-23 but that was a short lived lead because Everett Golson runs it in for the score!

4 oregon at 17 USC

my pick: Org

Winner Oregon 62, USC 51

24 oklahoma state at2 kansas state

my pick: k-state

score Kansas State 44-30


no unbeatens lost this week.



more coming soon.


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