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12:00 pm, October 31
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12:00 pm, October 31
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4:00 pm, October 31
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4:00 pm, October 31
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7:30 pm, October 31
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7:30 pm, October 31
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UFI 2:Explosion in Boston kills 3 injures over 180


April 15, 2013

About three hours after the winners of the Boston Marathon crossed the finish line and I was about to start writing a article about winners Lelisa Desisa and Rita Jeptoo a explosion went of near the finish line on Bolyston street. Killing 3, injuring 183. A runner reported he saw at least two dozen people who lost a limb. Another reported that many people were amputated and lost a leg,ankle or 2 legs. More on this as information becomes available. One of the dead was an 8 year old. Of the 183 injured 23 are in critical condition. President Obama said “we will find out who did this.”

Under Further Investigation

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