#9-kansas-logo#9 Kansas69
#2-baylor-logo#2 Baylor77
#15-ohio-state-logo#15 Ohio State65
#18-alabama-logo#18 Alabama105
#4-iowa-logo#4 Iowa69
#7-michigan-logo#7 Michigan70
#9-kansas-logo#9 Kansas68
#23-uconn-logo#23 UConn66
#11-creighton-logo#11 Creighton74
#2-baylor-logo#2 Baylor81
oklahoma-state-logoOklahoma State66
#20-clemson-logo#20 Clemson61
florida-state-logoFlorida State80
#15-ohio-state-logo#15 Ohio State74
#10-wisconsin-logo#10 Wisconsin62
#19-missouri-logo#19 Missouri73
#6-tennessee-logo#6 Tennessee64
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CrazySportsDude Week Nine Top 25 – Michigan Drops Out, and UCF rises to #12

Rank Team  Change Result Why am I so different?
 1  Alabama (8-0)  No Change  Beat Tennessee 45-7
 2  Penn State (7-0)  No Change  Beat Michigan 42-13
 3  Georgia (7-0)  No Change  Bye Week
 4  TCU (7-0)  No Change  Beat Kansas 43-0
 5  Wisconsin (7-0)  No Change  Beat Maryland 38-13
6  Ohio State (6-1)  Up  Bye Week
 7  Clemson (6-1)  Up  Bye Week
 8  Miami (6-0)  Up  Beat Syracuse 27-19
 9  Notre Dame (6-1)  Up  Beat USC 49-14
 10  Washington (6-1)  Up  Bye Week
 11  Washington State (7-1)  Up  Beat Colorado 28-0  Washington State’s defense is actually good! A 28-0 win over Colorado leaves me no choice but to move Washington State up to #11, four spots higher than the AP Poll. The Cal loss was brutal, but I would probably put still put these guys as a clear #2 in the Pac-12.
 12  UCF (6-0)  None  Beat Navy 31-21  Six spots higher than the AP! Look at any computer rankings system, even ones adjusted for strength of schedule, and they’ll agree that the Knights should be ranked higher than USF. UCF has wins over Navy and Memphis, and yes, to me they are the only group of five team with even an inkling of hope to reach the CFP.
 13  Virginia Tech (6-1)  No Change  Beat North Carolina 59-7
 14  Oklahoma (6-1)  Down  Beat Kansas State 42-35  Four spots lower than the AP. I know these guys beat #6 at home, but they are also a few plays away from having a losing record. Games against 0-7 Baylor, 3-4 Kansas State, and 3-4 Texas all were way too close for comfort. I do not trust this team right now, and neither should you.
 15  Oklahoma State (6-1)  Down  Beat Texas 13-10 (OT)  Similar to Oklahoma here, the ‘Pokes had a couple really close games against teams that they should have killed (Texas and Texas Tech), neither of these teams  (OU and OK State) deserves to be in the top ten until they prove they can hang in the crowded Big 12.
 16  USF (7-0)  Up  Beat Tulane 34-28
 17  NC State (6-1)  Up  Bye Week
 18  Auburn (6-2)  Up  Beat Arkansas 52-20
 19  USC (6-2)  Down  Lost to Notre Dame 49-14
 20  Michigan State (6-1)  Up  Beat Indiana 17-9  Four spots lower than the AP. Michigan State, 0-1 against the Top 25 now that Michigan has dropped out, and they’ve struggled with Minnesota and Indiana over the past two weeks. We are giving these guys way too much credit for a win over a Michigan team that just got mutilated by Penn State.
 21  Mississippi State (5-2)  NEW  Beat Kentucky 45-7  Seven spots higher than the AP. Head to head beatdown of LSU means that the Bulldogs should be ranked ahead of LSU as long as the two teams are comparable. So when LSU moves into the rankings, so should Mississipi State. The Dawgs also destroyed a Kentucky team that was 5-1 heading into the week.
 22  LSU (6-2)  NEW  Beat Ole Miss 40-24
 23  Iowa State (5-2)  No Change  Beat Texas Tech 31-13
 24  Stanford (5-2)  Down  Bye Week  Four spots lower than the AP. San Diego State and USC both lost again, so even in a bye week, the Cardinal drops. Still plenty of opportunities to climb with three teams ranked in my top 11 still on the schedule, but the Cardinal now have losses to two two-loss teams.
 25  Toledo (6-1)  NEW  Beat Akron 48-21  Seven spots higher than the AP. Toledo recieved a single vote in this week’s AP poll, but I think the Rockets deserve to be the featured team from one of the lower four conferences. Toledo is 6-1, the only loss being to Miami in a game that Toledo led at halftime.

Next Five Out: #26 Georgia Tech, #27 Michigan, #28 Texas A&M, #29 Memphis, #30 South Carolina

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