10)-virginia-tech-logo10) Virginia Tech
7)-florida-logo7) Florida
12:15 pm, March 19
14)-colgate-logo14) Colgate
3)-arkansas-logo3) Arkansas
12:45 pm, March 19
16)-drexel-logo16) Drexel
1)-illinois-logo1) Illinois
1:15 pm, March 19
11)-utah-state-logo11) Utah State
6)-texas-tech-logo6) Texas Tech
1:45 pm, March 19
15)-oral-roberts-logo15) Oral Roberts
2)-ohio-state-logo2) Ohio State
3:00 pm, March 19
16)-hartford-logo16) Hartford
1)-baylor-logo1) Baylor
3:30 pm, March 19
9)-georgia-tech-logo9) Georgia Tech
8)-loyola-chicago-logo8) Loyola-Chicago
4:00 pm, March 19
12)-oregon-state-logo12) Oregon State
5)-tennessee-logo5) Tennessee
4:30 pm, March 19
13)-liberty-logo13) Liberty
4)-oklahoma-state-logo4) Oklahoma State
6:25 pm, March 19
9)-wisconsin-logo9) Wisconsin
8)-north-carolina-logo8) North Carolina
7:10 pm, March 19
15)-cleveland-state-logo15) Cleveland State
2)-houston-logo2) Houston
7:15 pm, March 19
13)-north-texas-logo13) North Texas
4)-purdue-logo4) Purdue
7:25 pm, March 19
10)-rutgers-logo10) Rutgers
7)-clemson-logo7) Clemson
9:20 pm, March 19
11)-syracuse-logo11) Syracuse
6)-san-diego-state-logo6) San Diego State
9:40 pm, March 19
14)-morehead-state-logo14) Morehead State
3)-west-virginia-logo3) West Virginia
9:50 pm, March 19
12)-winthrop-logo12) Winthrop
5)-villanova-logo5) Villanova
9:57 pm, March 19
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June 19, 2013

Spurs lead series 3-2 prior to this one so if the Spurs win they are NBA Champions!

Let’s start 2nd quarter, 44-44 and Tim Duncan gets past Bosh and finishes with the slam! Duncan had 25 Pts (11-13 FG) in the first half. 4th quarter now, 75-70 Spurs and Tiago Splitter lays it in to make it 77-70!  82-80 Spurs now and Lebron… pump fake, then shoots for 2 and it’s good! Game tied at 82. Same score now and Ray Allen…reverse lay-in is good so the Heat take the lead! 84-82 HEAT! 89-86 Heat now but Tony Parker for 3…YES! Game tied at 89! Same score now, less then a minute left in the game and Parker spins and lays it in! Spurs up 91-89! Less then 30 seconds left, Spurs up 5 and Lebron for 3…YES! That cut the lead to 2 and makes the score 94-92 Spurs in the lead. 95-92, season hanging in the balance for the Heat, Spurs 10 seconds away from being NBA champs, Heat 10 seconds away from being eliminated. Lebron for 3…no Bosh gets the board kicks it back out to Ray Allen who drains the 3!! Game tied at 95! One final chance to win in regulation for the Spurs and Parker air balls it. SO WE’RE GOING TO OVERTIME! 97-97 now in OT, Kawhi Leonard lays it in, Spurs up 99-97! 100-99 Spurs now, Lebron for 2…yes! Heat up 101-100. Spurs ball, less then 10 seconds left, Spurs down by 1, Ginobli drives but Ray Allen steals it! Allen makes the free throws from the intentional foul so it’s 103-100 Heat, with 1.9 seconds left Green goes up for 3…GET THAT OUTTA MY HOUSE! Bosh rejects Green and the Heat win 103-100 to force a game 7!

Key Players     PTS
(SA) Duncan      30  17 REB

(SA) Parker        19   8 AST

(MIA) James     32    10 REB, 11 AST

(MIA) Wade      14

Series Next Game: Game 7- at Heat Thursday, 9ET ABC

NOTE: Whoever wins Game 7 wins the NBA Finals

Heat: 7-0 this postseason following a loss

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