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7:00 pm, February 25
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9:00 pm, February 25
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12:00 pm, February 27
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12:00 pm, February 27
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TALK OF THE TOWN JULY 17: Yoenis Cespedes wins HR Derby (HR Derby)


July 17, 2013

Every player gets 10 outs and tries to hit as many HR’s as they can. An out is any non-home run swing. After the 1st round (8 players) the 4 with the least home runs are eliminated. In the 2nd round the 2 with the least number of home runs from the 1st and 2nd round combined are eliminated. In  the final round the player with the least HR’s IN THE FINAL ROUND ONLY

Let’s start 1st round, Prince Fielder batting no outs 1 home run for him so far and he jacks the next one 483 feet for the HR, Fielder was eliminated after the first round with a score of 5 home runs. Still first round, Yoenis Cespedes batting, 2 outs, 2 home runs for him so far and he blasts a homer 447 feet for the home run and nearly hits the Chevy car (if you hit it you win a new car). Cespedes still up in the first round, 4 outs, 7 HR’s so far and he hits it 436 feet that is his 8th HR of the round alone. Cespedes still up in the first round, 5 outs, 12 home runs and he hits it 456 feet for another home run! Cespedes ends up advancing and hitting 17 homers in round 1 alone. Chris Davis up now, 5 outs, 6 homers and Davis blasts the ball into center field, 416 feet. Davis would survive to the 2nd round by hitting 8 homers  total. Bryce Harper up now, his first swing he hits it 455 feet for the homer! Then, 6 outs, 6 homers for Bryce and he blasts it 471 feet, yep 471! Harper advanced to the next round by hitting 8. Still 1st round, David Wright up, he has 5 outs and 3 homers so far and he blasts it to left, 394 feet! Wright was eliminated after the first round with only 5 home runs. 2nd round now, Chris Davis 4 Hr (in 2nd round only) 9 outs and 12 homers total and he just hits a grounder which counts as an out and he was eliminated after the 2nd round with 4 home runs in the 2nd round and 12 homers total. Bryce Harper up now, 5 homers in this round, 5 outs, and 13 homers total and it bounces off the foul pole into fair territory then, Harper 6 homers in this round alone, 6 outs, 14 total homers and Harper blasts it center, however it doesn’t go over the wall so it is an out. Harper still up, 7 homers in this round, 7 outs, 15 total homers and Harper blasts it to center and Harper goes to the final round with a score of 8 homers in round 2 and 16 total. Final round now, Bryce Harper up 7 outs, 6 home runs and he goes yard! 7 outs, 7 homers for Harper now and he blasts it 381 feet! Cespedes up now, he needs 9 homers to win. 5 outs, 7 homers do far in this round and he blasts it to left! That ties it! 5 outs, 8 homers for him and hits it 455 feet to win it! Harper ends the round with 8, Cespedes hit 1 more in only 5 outs! Yoenis Cespedes is your winner.

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