#13-iowa-state-logo#13 Iowa State
#17-texas-logo#17 Texas
12:00 pm, November 27
#2-notre-dame-logo#2 Notre Dame
#19-north-carolina-logo#19 North Carolina
3:30 pm, November 27
penn-state-logoPenn State
12:00 pm, November 28
#6-florida-logo#6 Florida
12:00 pm, November 28
#22-auburn-logo#22 Auburn
#1-alabama-logo#1 Alabama
3:30 pm, November 28
#3-clemson-logo#3 Clemson
3:30 pm, November 28
#5-texas-a&m-logo#5 Texas A&M
7:00 pm, November 28
#11-oklahoma-logo#11 Oklahoma
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7:30 pm, November 28
#9-georgia-logo#9 Georgia
south-carolina-logoSouth Carolina
7:30 pm, November 28

Sugar Bowl Recap


January 3, 2013

 3 Florida vs 21 Louisville

my pick: UF by a lot

according to NCAA.com Florida had the toughest schedule in the nation whereas Louisville? The 9th weakest. Now you tell me who didn’t belong in the Allstate Sugar Bowl. 1st play from scrimmage Jeff Driskel… picked off by Terell Floyd who is going to return it all the way 7-0 Cardinal. So Louisville ball now same score Teddy Bridgewater throws deep incomplete but he gets hammered on the play by John Bostic, Bostic gets flagged for roughing the passer. 4 plays later Bridgewater back in and teddy finds B.J. Butler Butler is going to score! dives for the endzone. play is reviewed they mark him down at the one. Next play Jeremy Wright is going to run it in 14-zip  cardinal. 17-3 now late 2nd and Bridgewater… to DeVante Parker Parker barely manages to get a foot in bounds 24-3 Louisville things not looking to hot for Will Muschamp and the Gators. 10 seconds left in the half Gators on the 1 and they hand it off to Matt Jones TOUCHDOWN GATORS! 24-10 Cardinal at the break. Gators kick off to start the 2nd Half and it’s a onside kick (which belive it or not I called) Louisville recovers but it gets worse for Florida. 2 15 yard penalty’s on Florida Chris Jhonson on Florida threw a punch he is ejected. next play Bridgewater  goes up top to Damian Copeland who comes down with it ! the extra point was blocked so it is 30-10. 4th quarter now 33-10 now and Andre Debose returns the kick 100 yards to the house and Florida is now down 33-17.2 and a half to play same score and Driskel to Kent Taylor but they need the 2 point conversion to cut the lead to 1 possesion. Driskel is sacked! and that does it Louisvile pulls a stunner 33-23 upset

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