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The United States Trademark Trial and Appeal Board has ruled that the Redskins name is disparaging to Native Americans and because of that 6 federal trademarks concerning the teams name has been cancelled. “We decide, based on the evidence properly before us, that these registrations must be cancelled because they were disparaging to Native Americans at the respective times they were registered.” said the board which ruled 2-1 on cancelling the trademark.

The cancellation DOES NOT force the Redskins to change their name but it does mean any they cannot sue people for counterfiet jerseys, hats, etc… which means they get less revenue, pressuring them to change it. The Redskins CAN appeal and most likely will as Jesse Witten said in a statement“The team will certainly take the position that they still have protectable trademarks,”


One more thing to note: the cancelled trademarks are just on the name NOT the logo so they can sue for logos to clarify, but like a T-shirt that says Redskins across the front that they would normally get money from is now non-suable.

MY TAKE: If the ruling is not overturned I agree with Senator Harry Reid who said “The writing is on the wall. It’s on the wall in giant blinking neon lights the name will change and justice will be done for the tribes in Nevada and across the nation who care so deeply about this issue.”  If the ruling is overturned the name stays, that is how important this appeal is to the Redskins franchise and to the NFL

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