#7-cincinnati-logo#7 Cincinnati
12:00 pm, October 31
#16-kansas-state-logo#16 Kansas State
west-virginia-logoWest Virginia
12:00 pm, October 31
#5-georgia-logo#5 Georgia
12:00 pm, October 31
3:30 pm, October 31
#9-wisconsin-logo#9 Wisconsin
3:30 pm, October 31
#6-oklahoma-state-logo#6 Oklahoma State
4:00 pm, October 31
virginia-tech-logoVirginia Tech
4:00 pm, October 31
#3-ohio-state-logo#3 Ohio State
#18-penn-state-logo#18 Penn State
7:30 pm, October 31
#10-florida-logo#10 Florida
7:30 pm, October 31



October 22, 2012

and to Uncle Mike’s wishes here is the recap of the giants “crushing” defeat of the redskins

Redskins at Giants

let’s start with 1 and a half minutesĀ  left Giants up 20-16 and RG3 connects with Santana Moss beautifully thrown ball by RG3 on the 30 yard touchdown connection.But The ensuing giants drive Eli hooks up with Victor Cruz, Josh Wilson dives for Cruz but misses so it’s a 77 yard touchdown strike.And the giants retake the lead. It’s 27-23 Giants. Less than 45 ticks to go Redskins driving and RG3 finds Santana Moss for the first down but Moss fumbles it! Giants beat their hated rivals 27-23.

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    • Crazy Sports Dude

      CSD’s Projections

      Super Bowl: The Super bowl is the AFC Champion in the NFL vs the NFC champion in the NFL. My prediction: Texans 24, Falcons 16
      Rose Bowl: The Rose Bowl is the Big 10 champion in college football against the pac-12 champion in college football. My prediction: Oregon 49, Michigan 13


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