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#6 Oregon37
#7 Baylor23
#4 Oklahoma30
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Pitt 73 GU 45 recap


January 10, 2013

by: hoyafan4life

Probably one of the worst games I’ve seen in a while.  The defense held in well for the first half but there was absolutely nothing going on on the offensive end.  At the beginning of the game there were a lot of post ups, very little movement. They started zoning us in the second half and it got to the point where when we fell into our patented “pass the ball around the perimeter and take a 3 point shot from 3 feet behind the 3 point line” it was somehow an improvement. In the second half, our defense fell apart and Pitt was able to do whatever it wanted – we were horrible in the half court, didn’t get back in transition.  16% from 3-pt land, 35% from the floor, 16 turnovers compared to 5 assists, out rebounded 27-20.  There really isn’t anything good to say about the game, except maybe that it is over. 


Porter (9 pts, 2-6 fgs, 0-2 3pts, 3 rebs, 1 asts, 1 stls, 1 blks) – In what is likely to be recurring theme in this write up – this wasn’t a good game for him.  There were flashes of Porter doing Porter-ish things, like his rebound and put back in the second half, but they were few and far between.


Whittington (6 pts, 2-6 fgs, 1-3 3pts, 2 rebs) – A tough game for him.  Got into foul trouble early but really never got going. 


Lubick (7 pts, 3-3 fgs, 7 rebs, 0 asts) – Actually had a respectable game for him.  Lubick was aggressive early in the game, and posted up with a strong move.  But he still has the annoying tendency to pass out of the post – exhibit 2,578: he made a nice cut to the basket and instead of taking a layup, he passed out to the corner for a 3 (missed by Whittington). 


Starks (6 pts, 2-8 fgs, 1-3 3pts, 1 reb, 0 asts, 1 stls) – Not a good game.  Forced a few shots.  Another “0” in the assist column from our starting point guard.   


Hopkins (0 pts, 0-3 fgs, 1 rebs, 2 asts) – Didn’t play a lot – but I can’t say that bothered me.  Of course, when he comes out, someone has to replace him, which leads us to…


Ayegba (6 pts, 2-3 fgs, 3 rebs) – There are few scarier words to hear when you are down 8 points than “Moses Ayegba in the game for the first time”.  Ironically, his game wasn’t all that bad and was clearly his best of the year.  Played aggressive and hit his layups. Not someone you would ever draw up a play for, but if he keeps playing like this, there isn’t a big drop off from Hopkins.  Hmmm, not sure if I just complimented Ayegba or insultedHopkins – probably a bit of both.


Smith Rivera (7 pts, 1-5 fgs, 0-3 3pts, 2 rebs, 1 asts) – Still haven’t seen a great game from him.  Was aggressive, which you have to like, but forced too many things driving to the line. 


Trawick (4 pts, 1-3 fgs, 1 asts, 1 stls) – Pretty much a non-factor. 


JT3 – I like the press that we throw out from time to time, it seemed to create some problems for Pitt and has worked at other times during the year (e.g. Texas). But beyond that the poor all around play has to at least be partly attributable to JT3.  What really needs to happen is for him to have a tutorial on the Princeton offense, since I’m not sure that I have seen it much at all this year.  Pitt was playing some aggressive, in-your-face defense which should have been ripe for a back door offense.


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