#4-iowa-logo#4 Iowa
9:00 pm, January 21
#7-michigan-logo#7 Michigan
7:00 pm, January 22
#9-kansas-logo#9 Kansas
12:00 pm, January 23
#23-uconn-logo#23 UConn
#11-creighton-logo#11 Creighton
12:00 pm, January 23
#2-baylor-logo#2 Baylor
oklahoma-state-logoOklahoma State
2:00 pm, January 23
#20-clemson-logo#20 Clemson
florida-state-logoFlorida State
3:00 pm, January 23
#15-ohio-state-logo#15 Ohio State
#10-wisconsin-logo#10 Wisconsin
4:00 pm, January 23
#19-missouri-logo#19 Missouri
#6-tennessee-logo#6 Tennessee
8:30 pm, January 23
#9-kansas-logo#9 Kansas69
#2-baylor-logo#2 Baylor77
#15-ohio-state-logo#15 Ohio State65
#18-alabama-logo#18 Alabama105



It took a fake punt pass and a trick punt return but when the clock hit triple zero former free agent Austin Davis and the Rams beat the defending Super Bowl champion Seahawks 28-26. “That’s pretty sweet,” Rams punter Hekker said of the pass to a wide-open Benny Cunningham that helped the Rams run out the clock and win on Sunday. “We’ve been practicing that play for a long time.” Hekker is a former high school quarterback. “It was great execution by them on a couple different scenarios,” Seahawks coach Pete Carroll. “It made a huge difference in this game. If they don’t catch that ball, it’s ours and we kick the field goal and it’s over. A very gutsy play.”


Tony Romo has officially taken a back seat to DeMarco Murray, Romo completed 17 passes, Murray ran the ball 28 times. “I love that kid,” Romo said after the Cowboys gained their sixth straight victory, in a 31-21 over the New York Giants on Sunday. “He really exemplifies everything you want in a player. He’s hard-working. He’s humble. He’s a team-first guy. He’s talented. He’s explosive.” Murray is now the first runningback to start the season with 7 straight 100-yard games. “I think our record is above what we could have expected, but we have it and it’s a credit to a team that’s building in their confidence,” owner Jerry Jones said. “That wasn’t the same team that went to Seattle, that came home from Seattle, and I know this team, the Giants, had a lot to say, a lot to prove today.”


Records are meant to be broken. Peyton Manning threw his 507th, 508th, 509th, and 510th career touchdowns to break Brett Farves 508 TD record. “It’s special because of the way our team played,” said Manning, who got the record with an 8-yard strike to Demaryius Thomas late in the second quarter in a 42-17 win over the San Francisco 49ers. After the touchdown Thomas tossed it over Manning to Sanders who tossed it to Welker, back to Sanders and then to Thomas who finally gave the ball to Manning. “Those guys are all great athletes and my vertical leap isn’t what it used to be. I haven’t played keep-away since I was 8 years old,” Manning said. “That is something I will always remember.”


Ben Roethlisberger passed for two touchdowns and Antonio Brown added 1 more on a trick play during the span of 73-seconds that moved the Steelers from down 10 to an 11-point lead. “You stand on the sidelines long enough, you will see explosions such as that,” Steelers coach Mike Tomlin said. “It was good to be on the good side of it.””We had a terrible second quarter,” Houston coach Bill O’Brien said. “We couldn’t come back from it. Just too many turnovers. We just had a hard time overcoming all those things.”

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