#6-alabama-logo#6 Alabama
#20-arkansas-logo#20 Arkansas
9:00 pm, February 24
#9-iowa-logo#9 Iowa
#3-michigan-logo#3 Michigan
7:00 pm, February 25
#19-usc-logo#19 USC
9:00 pm, February 25
#14-texas-logo#14 Texas
#18-texas-tech-logo#18 Texas Tech
12:00 pm, February 27
#3-michigan-logo#3 Michigan
12:00 pm, February 27
#5-illinois-logo#5 Illinois
#23-wisconsin-logo#23 Wisconsin
2:00 pm, February 27
#20-arkansas-logo#20 Arkansas
2:00 pm, February 27
#11-florida-state-logo#11 Florida State
north-carolina-logoNorth Carolina
4:00 pm, February 27
#2-baylor-logo#2 Baylor
#17-kansas-logo#17 Kansas
8:00 pm, February 27
#9-iowa-logo#9 Iowa
#4-ohio-state-logo#4 Ohio State
4:00 pm, February 28
#17-kansas-logo#17 Kansas72
#14-texas-logo#14 Texas75

NCAABB bubble profiles


March 17, 2013

Ole Miss

Good wins

Missouri, at Missouri,

Bad Losses

Indiana State, Kentucky, at Texas A&M, at South Carolina, at Mississippi State

La Salle

Good Wins

Butler, at VCU

Bad Losses

Central Connecticut State, at Bucknell, at Charlotte, at Xaiver, Umass


Good wins

Florida, Missouri

Bad Losses

at Arkansas, Georgia, at Georgia


please note: this is the wierdest resume I have seen in my entire life.

Good Wins

North Carolina, NC State, Duke

Bad Losses

at George Mason, Delaware, at Old Dominion, at Wake Forest, at Clemson, at Georgia Tech, at Boston College, at Florida State

extra little note: Tennessee has lost to UVA and Ole Miss




1 comment on “NCAABB bubble profiles

  1. Brian

    I think UVA’s bad losses would have been forgootten if we could have closed out the regular season strong after beating Duke, but the losses to BC and FSU are going to hurt us especially since we went out in our first game in the ACC tournament.

    Of these bubble teams we should be over Tennessee given the head to head win. Ole Miss seems to have a similar “bad losses” profile to us but our “good wins” are better than theirs.Same with LaSalle – our good wins are better than all these other teams.

    Unfortunatley my guess is we are going to just barely get left out. Only silver lining there is if we go to the NIT we should get a high seed and get to play a game or two at home in that tournament, so maybe we can see a little more UVA basketball live. We are great at home – I think we only have one home loss all year and that was way back in November – we’re a different team now. Being undefeated at home since November could be huge in a tournament like the NIT where I think we can play at home until the semi-finals….we’ll see.


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