10)-virginia-tech-logo10) Virginia Tech
7)-florida-logo7) Florida
12:15 pm, March 19
14)-colgate-logo14) Colgate
3)-arkansas-logo3) Arkansas
12:45 pm, March 19
16)-drexel-logo16) Drexel
1)-illinois-logo1) Illinois
1:15 pm, March 19
11)-utah-state-logo11) Utah State
6)-texas-tech-logo6) Texas Tech
1:45 pm, March 19
15)-oral-roberts-logo15) Oral Roberts
2)-ohio-state-logo2) Ohio State
3:00 pm, March 19
16)-hartford-logo16) Hartford
1)-baylor-logo1) Baylor
3:30 pm, March 19
9)-georgia-tech-logo9) Georgia Tech
8)-loyola-chicago-logo8) Loyola-Chicago
4:00 pm, March 19
12)-oregon-state-logo12) Oregon State
5)-tennessee-logo5) Tennessee
4:30 pm, March 19
13)-liberty-logo13) Liberty
4)-oklahoma-state-logo4) Oklahoma State
6:25 pm, March 19
9)-wisconsin-logo9) Wisconsin
8)-north-carolina-logo8) North Carolina
7:10 pm, March 19
15)-cleveland-state-logo15) Cleveland State
2)-houston-logo2) Houston
7:15 pm, March 19
13)-north-texas-logo13) North Texas
4)-purdue-logo4) Purdue
7:25 pm, March 19
10)-rutgers-logo10) Rutgers
7)-clemson-logo7) Clemson
9:20 pm, March 19
11)-syracuse-logo11) Syracuse
6)-san-diego-state-logo6) San Diego State
9:40 pm, March 19
14)-morehead-state-logo14) Morehead State
3)-west-virginia-logo3) West Virginia
9:50 pm, March 19
12)-winthrop-logo12) Winthrop
5)-villanova-logo5) Villanova
9:57 pm, March 19



Shabazz Napier tried to hold back tears as he cut down the net, he didn’t. Just one year removed from the Huskies being banned from postseason play, they have done the impossible, they knocked off preseason number 1 Kentucky. Maybe 2nd year coach Kevin Ollie said it best¬†“Somebody told me we were Cinderellas, and I was like, no, we’re UConn, this is what we do. We are born for this. We’re bred to cut down nets. We’re not chasing championships. Championships are chasing us.” are maybe it was Shabazz Napier,¬†“Ladies and gentlemen, this is what happens when you banned us.” said the Senior who had 20 points, 6 rebounds (all of which were defensive), and shot 8-16 from the field. Napier was named they Final 4 MVP.

The game was never in question, UConn never trailed in the whole game, Aaron Harrison (Remember 3 game winners in the last 3 games) had a 3 to take the lead but it clanked off iron. UConn’s largest lead was 15.

I have one question? If you’re ACC commish John Swofford are you kicking yourself right now? I would, UConn wanted to go to the ACC, but he said NO. The ACC hasn’t solidified it self as the nation’s best basketball conference it would have if they had accepted UConn. Now the Huskie’s are champions of Men’s and are in the Finals for Women’s BBall (WBB Championship Game: 8:30 PM ET, ESPN) if the women’s team (39-0) beats Notre Dame (37-0) then it will be the first time since ’04 that a college has swept as men’s and women’s basketball champs, who did that? UConn.

This is the first time since 2011 the national champion missed the tournament the previous year, who did that? UConn

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