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#17-texas-logo#17 Texas20
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#19-north-carolina-logo#19 North Carolina17
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12:00 pm, November 28
#6-florida-logo#6 Florida
12:00 pm, November 28
#22-auburn-logo#22 Auburn
#1-alabama-logo#1 Alabama
3:30 pm, November 28
#3-clemson-logo#3 Clemson
3:30 pm, November 28
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4:00 pm, November 28
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7:00 pm, November 28
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7:30 pm, November 28

GU vs UT


December 6, 2012



This was the first game that I saw in person and it was a much better game than last time. We moved the ball well on offense and were very active on defense.  We won by 23 but actually we won almost every phase of the game – held them to 29% from the field, 15% from 3, and somehow held them to 52% from the FT line (we also held TN to 27% from the FT line – I doubt that’s something teams can be good at, so we should expect some reversion to the mean on that).  But it didn’t stop there – we out rebounded them, forced more turnovers, had more blocks and had more assists. I saw the game with a guy from TX and I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I thought the game could be good when he told me that they lost to Chaminade (a Division II team) by 13 points early in the year. So I guess it’s a good thing that we put away a bad team (we had some close calls against bad teams earlier in the year) but we shouldn’t get too excited about beating a team that is even younger than us.


Otto Porter (14 pts, 7-16 fgs, 0-2 3pts, 8 rebs, 2 asts, 3 stls, 3 blks) – Solid game from him, but at this point, 14 pts 8 rebs is par for the course.  I thoroughly enjoy watching him in person – always active, always around the ball and always causing good things to happen.


Greg Whittington (5pts, 2-8fgs, 1-5 3pts, 7 rebs, 3 asts, 3blk, 7 TOs) – I continue to like Whittington and 7 rebs, 3 asts and 3 blks shows his all around game.  However, the 7 TOs and 2-8fgs were a bit shocking.  More worrisome was his body language – he was incredibly down on himself through the game and others during the game went over to encourage him.  He needs to shake this off and deliver strong games if we are going anywhere.


Markel Starks (11pts, 4-8fgs, 1-2 3pts, 3 rebs, 4 asts, 3 stls) Another good game from him.  Relatively aggressive and I’m increasingly comfortable with him out there. 


Nate Lubick (13pts, 6-7 fgs, 4 rebs, 3 asts, 3 stls) – His best game that I’ve seen.  He moved without the ball and was aggressive looking to score.  This is what I’ve been wanting him to do for the past 3 years.


Mikael Hopkins (1pts, 0-2fgs, 1ast)– I don’t know what the deal was – he got 2 fouls early in the game and came out and never went back in – only played 8 minutes total.  Maybe the announcers said something?


Jabril Trawick (4pts, 1-3 fgs, 2 rebs, 1 asts) – Below average game from him.  He was been a solid player off of the bench for us the past few games and this game was a bit a reversion. His only basket was a contested fast break layup where he should have passed to the trailing Whittington for a clear dunk instead.


D’Vauntes Smith-Rivera (7 pts, 1-5fgs, 1-5 3pts, 1 asts, 1 stls, 6 rebs) – Played a good amount of time and he was more aggressive than he has been, actually driving the ball to the basket.  Didn’t shoot particularly well, but I was happy that he was looking for his shot. Meanwhile, 6 rebs?  That more than Lubick!


Stephen Domingo (5 pts, 2-4fg, 1-3 3pts, 2 rebs, 1 ast) – Still shoots more often than he should – 4 shots in 10 minutes, but at least this time he made them.


Moses Ayegba (2pts, 1-2fg, 2 rebs) –still afraid of the ball and watching him is like watching a train wreck.  But he did seem to play somewhat better this game and was only semi-lost on defense.


B Hayes – (0 pts, 0-2 fgs, 1 reb) – In the first half he didn’t do much beyond take up space (which actually does have value given TX’s size).  In the second half he somehow did less.  It wasn’t clear to me that he was looking at the basket when he shot either of his shots. Certainly the fact that they were bricks from 2 feet away doesn’t inspire much confidence.

JT3 – No complaints on this one.  We started out in a press – which surprised me since I hadn’t seen it, but it also seems to have surprised them as well.  Caused some turnovers early and set the tone.  We didn’t go back to it later in the game, but we had a good lead the whole time so I guess there was no need.  The one thing I would complain about was the substitution pattern.  For some reason Porter played 35 minutes during what was clearly a blowout.  Take the man out of the game to avoid injury and try to get your back up bigs more playing time.

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