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Fiesta Bowl Recap


January 4, 2013

4 Oregon vs 5 Kansas State

my pick: Ducks but not by much

before you read this recap you have to watch this Tostitos Fiesta Bowl commercial


There were questions surrounding weather or not the ducks would be distracted because of Chip Kelly’s rumors to go to the NFL. well opening kickoff Deanthony Thomas returns it from the 6 and he could go all the way! Touchdown Quackattack! Suprisingly enough they go for 2 and hand it off to Dion Jordan and they get it 8-zip Ducks! 11 minutes later ducks driving and Marcus Mariota finds Thomas on the Screen and Thomas scores! 15-0 ducks. Kansas State trying to put some thing together and it off to DeAngelo Pete Pete goes Right nothing there reverses left and picks up 14 yards!  Collin Klein 3rd place in the Heisman on 3rd and Goal runs it in! Cuts the ducks lead to 8.A minute to goo in the half 15-10 Ducks Mariota to Colt Lyerla pick up of 23 . 20 seconds now and Mariota finds Kenjon Barner for the TD. 22-10 at the break. #rd Quarter Mariota scrambles… TD ducks1 31-10 now here is where it gets interesting I looked this up a couple months ago just out of curiosity and it happened. Oregon kicking the extra point Kansas State blocks it recovers it on the 2 flips it back and they get tackled in the endzone if you take out the extra point part that would be a saftey right? and a saftey is 2 points right? but when you add in the extra point part it becomes a extremely rare 1 point saftey resulting in a point for oregon. 32-10 Ducks. Ducks go on to win 35-17.

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