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12:00 pm, February 27
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12:00 pm, February 27
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2:00 pm, February 27
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8:00 pm, February 27
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4:00 pm, February 28
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Conference Championship Week Recap


December 2, 2012

wowwowwowwowwowwowwowwowwowwowwowwow what a season it has been before we get to the recap I want to show you some of the huge match ups of the year.


Week 1

8 Michigan vs 2 Alabama

2 Alabama 41, 8 Michigan 14

Week 4

10 Clemson at 4 Florida State

4 Florida State 49, 10 Clemson 37

Week 6

4 LSU at 10 Florida

10 Florida 14, 4 LSU 6

5 Georgia at 6 South Carolina

6 South Carolina 35, 5 Georgia 7

Week 7

3 South Carolina at 9 LSU

9 LSU 23, 3 South Carolina 21

Week 8

7 South Carolina at 2 Florida

2 Florida 44, 7 South Carolina 11

Week 9

2 Florida at 10 Georgia

10 Georgia 17, 2 Florida 9

5 Notre Dame at 8 Oklahoma

5 Notre Dame 30, 8 Oklahoma 13

Week 10

1 Alabama at 5 LSU

1 Alabama 21, 5 LSU 17

Week 13

4 Florida at 10 Florida State

4 Florida 37, 10 Florida State 26

Week 14

2 Alabama vs 3 Georgia



who knows????

2 Alabama vs 3 Georgia

my pick : Alabama

so now we go to the game. 1st quarter AJ McCarron drops back and is sacked by Jarvis Jones and the ball comes lose!Georgia recovers but won’t turn it into any points.Early 2nd 4th and 10 and he punts it.. NO it’s a fake the pass is complete so Georgia keeps on moving.2 plays later Aaron Murray would find Jay Rome for the TD 7-0 dawgs. Bama driving 3rd and goal and AJ is picked off by Cunnings. a blown opportunity by ‘bama that theme would continue throughout the game by both teams. But Eddie Lacy runs right breaks free and he,could,go,all,the,way 41 yards on the TD for Lacy This ties the game at 7.a minute 40 left Georgia trying to go into halftime with momentum and Murray is picked off and about 4 seconds after he throws he gets lit up by Quintan Dyle obvious unnecessary roughness/ roughing the passer/ late hit and to make it worse a referre was right there!if it makes you feel any better UGA fans even if they called the penalty it would be alabama’s ball just 15 yards back. Bama would kick a go-ahead field goal as time expires and the score is 10-7 as we go into the break.3 minutes in Gurley runs it in 3 yards for UGA dawgs up 14-10. same score ‘bama lining up for a field goal and… it’s blocked! Alec Ogletree picks it up and 50 yards later it is 21-10.Late 3rd now and T.J. Yeldon runs it in 10 yards the 2 point conversion makes it a 21-18 game. Then ‘bama hands it off to Eddie Lacy who takes it 32 yards for a first down. Then they hand it off to Lacy up the gut and it’s another 1st down. Then they hand it off to Lacy again who takes it 14 yards for yet another 1st down. Lacy would plow it in 1 yard and it’s 25-21.But Todd Gurley runs it in 10 yards it’s 28-25. 3:20 to go and McCarron with plenty of time finds Amari Cooper in the endzone to put the tide up 32-28.20 seconds to play and Murray finds Linch 15 seconds they come to the line and spike it right? Wrong! Murray’s pass is tipped by C.J. Mosley and it’s cought!!5 seconds left ticktickticktickticktick and the clock runs out.there wer many things that went wrong. 1. They should have spiked the ball 2. C.J. Mosley saved the day had it not been tipped it would have been caught or it would have been pass interference and a penalty stops the clock.3.That guy should have batted the ball down they would have 2 more shots at the endzone had he not. Something that really struck me was the gutsy 2 point conversion Call Saban made earlier in the game. they were up by 4 so a field goal wouldn’t do anything but if they had kicked a extra-point their lead would be 3 and it would be a 30 yarder to send it to OT and if he missed it a FG would win it for UGa.

In the 2 tight end set bama went for 289 yards rushing and 3 td’s and 1 passing TD.

Georgia vs AP top 10 scince ’08

2-10, 7.o0 win margin average, 19.10 loss margin average

In the post game press conference a reporter said that he had heard people talk about that all the time and if Richt had anything to say about it and Mark replied: is That what you are saying? reporter: No i’m saying I here that every day. Richt: then that’s for you to worry about if you’re asking the question i’ll answer it but if you think other people say that I’m not worried about that. He came back out later and said.” If anybody thinks our guys didn’t play their tail off or if Aaron Murray didn’t play his tail off then they’re crazy.That’s just..that’s unbelievable that somebody would even bring that up.

Q: Was it okay for a reporter to ask that question?

A:NO you could obviously tell  he could obviously tell that Mark was hurting.Mark would most definitely answer that question had they won but a better way to ask it without sort of hiding like that would be just ask it straight up: you guys are 2-10 vs top 10 Ap teams since 2008.. WHY?

11 Oklahoma at TCU

My pick: Oklahoma

2nd quarter 7-0 sooners and Landry Jones is picked off by Sam Carter who returns it to the 6.Then Trevone Boykin does it himself and ties it at 7.Late 2nd and Jones finds Jalen Saunders on the 24 yard TD. Damien Williams finds a huge hole and takes it 66 yards to the house OU rolls to a 24-17 win

18 Texas at 6 Kansas State

my pick: Kansas St

2 minutes in and David Ash is picked off by Nigel Malone who returns it to the house but they take another look and he flipped the ball out of his hand to celebrate at the 1 the ball bounces in the endzone though so Texas coach  Mac Brown says it should be a touchback but the refs give the ball to K-State at the 1. Klein would run it in 7-0 KST.2nd quarter now and Klein is picked off in the endzone.7-3 now and McCoy finds Jaxon Shipley nice catch! Texas leads at the half 10-7.2nd and 7 for KST and Klein sells the playaction and finds Travis Tannahill for a nice gain.Hubert runs it in off a pitch from Klein to make it 14-10.21-17 now and Klein goes deep to Tyler Lockett TD! Kansas State wins 42-24

Q: After this game what has Klein done to improve his Hieman chances?

A: He locked up a ticket to NYC

12 Nebraska vs Wisconsin

My pick:NEB

7-0 Wisconsin and Taylor Martinez is picked off by Marcus Cromartie who returns it 29 yards for the PICK 6 14-0 Wisconsin.This was crazy Taylor Martinez can’t find anybody and is being chased he runs all the way back to his own 6 then goes around the end and takes it to the house and even though it will go down as a 76 yard Td run with all the cutbacks and turns Martinez ran 128.0 yards. 28-10 direct snap to James White who hands it off to Montee Ball who runs it in that is his 80th carrer TD run(most all-time) 49-17 now and somebody forgot to tell Nebraska that they can tackle and Montee Ball a couple broken tackles a stiff arm or two and 57n yards later it is a TD Wisconsin wins 70-31

13 Florida State vs Georgia Tech

My pick: Florida St

2nd quarter 7-0 FSU and James Wilder Jr. runs it in 16 yards. 14-0 FSU. 14-3 now and Wilder plows it in. 21-3 FSU. 21-9 now when Tevin Washington runs it in on the option.They do not get the 2 point conversion.1:10 left now GT 1 last shot and Tevin Washington is picked off by Carlos Williams who returns it to the 4. FSU wins 21-15.

Cincinnati at Connecticut

my pick: Cincinnati

7-0 Cinci until Brendon Kay flips it to Travis Kelce who passes it to Cay who runs it 39 yards on the flea flicker. 14-0 cinci. 14-3 now and Chandler Whitmer finds Ryan Griffin over the middle who shakes a tackle and takes it 74 yards to the endzone. Then Travis Kelce 21 Yard Pass From Brendon Kay TD cinci 21-10.24-17 now and  George Winn runs it in Cinci wins 34-17

2 Alabama defeats 3 Georgia 32-28

ALA: Will face 1 Notre Dame in BCS National Championship


Q:Will Alabama repeat as National Champions by beating Notre Dame


20 Boise State at Nevada

my pick: Nevada

Let’s start with Joe Southwick finding Chris Potter on a 17 yard score 7-0 Broncos.17-7 when Southwick goes deep and finds Matt Miller who finds the endzone 24-7 BSU now.1st play of the 4th quarter and Nevada is picked picked offed by Jeremey belana who flips not once but twice on the amazing catch  but a BSU player was offsides so it doesn’t count.27-14 now and Cody Fajardoruns it in for Nevada 27-21 nowbut Nevada needs the onside kick…and they don’t get it.

South Dakota State at 1 North Dakota State

my pick: N. Dakota St.

7-3 NDSU when they hand it off to Ryan Smith who got 1 carry on the day:this one so he made the best of it and he takes it 32 yards to the house!NDSU rolls to a 28-3 win.

FCS Championship Bracket

1North Dakota State semifinal 1 Final Champion
5 Georgia Southern semifinal 1
4 Old Dominion
3 Montana State semifinal 2 Final
Sam Houston State
Illinois State semifinal 2
2 Eastern Washington

If this was 2014….

1 Notre Dame Championship Champ
4 Florida
3 Oregon Championship
2 Alabama



23 Oklahoma State at Baylor

My Pick: OSU

The teams traded field goals until Eddie Lackey picks it off and returns it all the way! 10-7 Baylor. 17-3 now then Nick Florence finds Tevin Resse to make it 24-3  Bears. 24-10 now and Clint Chelf finds Josh Stewart to cut the lead to 7. 34-27 until Lache Seastrunk who ran for a buck 78 on the day takes it 76 yards to the house 41-27. Chelf looking and finds David Glidden on the 18 yard score.41-34 now and OKST needs the onside kick but Baylor gets it! Baylor beats thier 2nd straight ranked opponent 41-34.

UCF vs Tulsa

My pick: Tulsa

2 seconds left in the 1st half tied at 14 and Ja’Terian Douglas runs it in 2 yards to make it 21-14.Tulsaup 21-20 now and Blake Bortles  runs it in untouched. 27-21 UCF. Then on the punt UCF tips it and Watts scoops it up and returns it to the house!extra point blocked so we go to OT.In OT The field goal is blocked so Tulsa wins with a score of any kind.and Singleton leaps over the pile and he is in!!! Tulsa wins 33-27.


My Top 5

1 Notre Dame

2 Alabama

3 Florida

4 Oregon

5 Georgia


Ohio State

Notre Dame

BCS Bowl Projection

BCS National Championship

 Notre Dame vs Alabama

Rose Bowl

Wisconsin vs Stanford

Fiesta Bowl

Kansas State vs Oregon

Sugar Bowl

Florida vs Louisville

Orange Bowl

Northern Illinois vs Florida State

Thanks for reading!!!!

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