#4-iowa-logo#4 Iowa
9:00 pm, January 21
#7-michigan-logo#7 Michigan
7:00 pm, January 22
#9-kansas-logo#9 Kansas
12:00 pm, January 23
#23-uconn-logo#23 UConn
#11-creighton-logo#11 Creighton
12:00 pm, January 23
#2-baylor-logo#2 Baylor
oklahoma-state-logoOklahoma State
2:00 pm, January 23
#20-clemson-logo#20 Clemson
florida-state-logoFlorida State
3:00 pm, January 23
#15-ohio-state-logo#15 Ohio State
#10-wisconsin-logo#10 Wisconsin
4:00 pm, January 23
#19-missouri-logo#19 Missouri
#6-tennessee-logo#6 Tennessee
8:30 pm, January 23
#9-kansas-logo#9 Kansas69
#2-baylor-logo#2 Baylor77
#15-ohio-state-logo#15 Ohio State65
#18-alabama-logo#18 Alabama105
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College Football Playoff National Championship Prop Predictions

It’s almost time for kickoff, and I’ll be running through my picks for Bodova’s National Championship Party Prop Sheet. These aren’t best bets that I’ve hand-selected, just a bit of fun.

Q1 – What will the result of the coin toss be? Heads or Tails?

A1 – Tails. I thought they flipped a coin with Alabama on one side and Georgia on the other, but I guess not. When in doubt, tails never fails.

Q2 – Who will win the coin toss? Alabama or Georgia?

A2 – Alabama. Another random one, but the Atlanta Falcons won the coin toss at the Super Bowl last year, so statistics say the opposite will happen here.

Q3 – What will the first play of the game be? Run or Pass?

A3 – Run. You can’t tell me you have as good running backs as there are in this game and not run the ball.

Q4 – Which team will commit the first penalty? Alabama or Georgia?

A4 – Georgia. Alabama ranks 54 spots ahead of the Bulldogs in fewest penalties per game.

Q5 – Will there be a score in the first six minutes of the game? Yes or No?

A5 – No. Alabama’s defense is #1, and Georgia’s defense is #11, I’d expect this to be low scoring early.

Q6 – What will the first score of the game be? Touchdown or Field Goal or Safety?

A6 – Touchdown. Alabama’s field goal unit isn’t great, and if Georgia scores first I would guess it would be off of a breakaway run from Chubb or Michel.

Q7 – What will the jersey number of the first player to score a TD be? Odd or Even?

A7 – Odd. Nick Chubb, Sony Michel, Bo Scarbrough, and Calvin Ridley are all odd numbers, the only major evens are Damien Harris and Jalen Hurts, who would need to rush to count for this prop.

Q8 – What will Jalen Hurts do first? Throw a TD pass or Throw an interception?

A8 – Throw a TD pass. Hurts has a 17-1 TD-Int ratio this year.

Q9 – How long will the first successful field goal be? Over 42.5 yards or Under 42.5 yards?

A9 – Under 42.5 yards. The majority of field goals are taken from within 42.5 yards.

Q10 – Which team will record the first sack? Alabama or Georgia?

A10 – Alabama. The Tide rank about 40 spots ahead of Georgia in S&P+’s HAVOC rating.

Q11 – Which team will call the first timeout? Alabama or Georgia?

A11 – Georgia. Alabama commits fewer penalties per game, and I could see Jake Fromm almost committing a delay of game until a timeout.

Q12 – Will there be a special teams or defensive score in the game? Yes or No?

A12 – No. It will be low scoring in general, and both quarterbacks don’t throw many picks.

Q13 – Who will record more receiving yards? Calvin Ridley or Javon Wims?

A13 – Calvin Ridley. Ridley might be the best receiver in the draft come April.

Q14 – Will Calvin Ridley score a TD? Yes or No?

A14 – No. As good as Ridley is, Jalen Hurts averages just 1.3 touchdowns per game.

Q15 – Will Javon Wims score a TD? Yes or No?

A15 – No. Wims has scored seven touchdowns this year, but the Bulldogs haven’t played a defense like Alabama yet.

Q16 – Will Jake Fromm throw an interception? Yes or No?

A16 – Yes. Fromm has thrown just five interceptions this year, but in the biggest game of his career against the best defense in the country, I bet he throws another.

Q17 – Who will record more rushing yards? Damien Harris or Sony Michel?

A17 – Sony Michel. I hope that Georgia realizes its mistake from last game when they refused to run the ball in the first half and fell down 31-17.

Q18 – How many rushing yards will Nick Chubb have? Over 85.5 yards or Under 85.5 yards?

A18 – Under 85.5 yards. Chubb had 145 yards against Oklahoma, but Alabama’s defense is about 80 spots higher, and there will be fewer possessions in this game for Chubb to rush because Alabama plays at an extremely slower pace than Oklahoma. Plus, I’d expect Jim Chaney to spread out the carries.

Q19 – What will the last score of the game be? Touchdown or Field Goal or Safety?

A19 – Touchdown. For the same reasons I think the first score of the game will be a touchdown.

Q20 – Which team will score the longest TD in the game? Alabama or Georgia?

A20 – Georgia. I see Chubb, Michel, and Swift’s breakaway potential as far ahead of Damien Harris.

Q21 – How many times will Donald Trump be shown during the game? (Kickoff to Final Whistle) Over 2.5 or Under 2.5?

A21 – Under 2.5. You’d think ESPN would want to steer clear of politics, and Trump tweeted earlier today about the National Anthem, and even though college teams stay in the locker room during the Anthem, you never know if he might pull a Pence or maybe just leave for presidential/personal reasons. Three showings is a lot.

Q22 – Which team will win the National Championship? Alabama or Georgia?

A22 – Guess you’ll have to read my preview to find out.

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