#7-cincinnati-logo#7 Cincinnati
12:00 pm, October 31
#16-kansas-state-logo#16 Kansas State
west-virginia-logoWest Virginia
12:00 pm, October 31
#5-georgia-logo#5 Georgia
12:00 pm, October 31
3:30 pm, October 31
#9-wisconsin-logo#9 Wisconsin
3:30 pm, October 31
#6-oklahoma-state-logo#6 Oklahoma State
4:00 pm, October 31
virginia-tech-logoVirginia Tech
4:00 pm, October 31
#3-ohio-state-logo#3 Ohio State
#18-penn-state-logo#18 Penn State
7:30 pm, October 31
#10-florida-logo#10 Florida
7:30 pm, October 31
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Last Week: 12-4 (75%)
Total: 33-13 (72%)

#5 Clemson (3-0) @ Georgia Tech (3-0) – 7:30PM ET, ESPN (Thursday)

The Pick: Clemson

USC (1-2) @ #24 Utah (3-0) – 9PM ET, FS1 (Friday)

The Pick: Utah

#13Florida State (2-1) @ South Florida (3-0) – 12PM ET, ABC

The Pick: Florida State

BYU (1-2) @ West Virginia (2-0) – 3:30PM ET, ESPN2

The Pick: West Virginia

Pitt (2-1) @ North Carolina (2-1) – 3:30PM ET, ESPNU

The Pick: North Carolina

Colorado (2-1) @ Oregon (2-1) – 5:30PM ET, PAC-12NETWORK

The Pick: Oregon

#3Louisville (3-0) @ Marshall (1-1) – 8PM ET, CBSSN

The Pick: Louisville

California (2-1) @ Arizona State (3-0) – 10PM ET, ESPN2

The Pick: Arizona State

#9Washington (3-0) @ Arizona (2-1) – 10:30PM ET, PAC-12NETWORK

The Pick: Washington

#12Georgia (3-0) @ #23Ole Miss (1-2) – 12PM ET, ESPN

Georgia survived a scary game against Missouri last week, just edging out the Tigers 28-27, but in the process they found their quarterback in true freshman Jacob Eason who threw for three touchdowns and over 300 yards. On the other side though, Chad Kelly is probably the most proven quarterback in the SEC. he threw for over 400 yards against the best defense in the country in Alabama, and although Georgia has an experienced secondary, the Bulldog’s pass rush is almost non existent, totaling just 1 sack against FBS competition so far this year.  I’m a little worried about Ole Miss’ ground game, but at the end of the day Ole Miss is just too talented to start the season 1-3, I’ve got the home Rebels, 33-30.

The Pick: Ole Miss

#11Wisconsin (3-0) @ #8Michigan State (2-0) – 12PM ET, BTN

Honestly, I have no clue which way this game is going. Before last week I almost certainly would’ve picked Wisconsin, but the Badgers played a lot worse than expected against a Georgia State team that’s probably in the bottom 20 teams of the FBS, and Michigan State upset Notre Dame. So now it’s moving into toss up territory. Wisconsin is going to try and pound the ball with the run game, but with Corey Clement’s ankle a little banged up, I’m not sure how well that strategy will work against the stout Michigan State run defense. I think this well be a grind it out type of game that will end up being decided on the last play, and in this case I’m giving it to the home team in Michigan State to win on a last second field goal, 27-24.

The Pick: Michigan State

#19Florida (3-0) @ #14Tennessee (3-0) – 3:30PM ET, CBS

College Gameday will be in town for a matchup that may just determine the fate of the SEC East. The Gators have won 11 games in a row in this series, making it a de facto Super Bowl for Tennessee, a must win game. Tennessee has more talent than Florida, but they had much more talent than Appalachian State, and the Vols should have lost that game. However, Florida is going into this game with Austin Appleby as their quarterback, and it’s never a good thing to go into a big game with your backup qaurterback. Appleby is a mobile option, but is an unproven commodity. Josh Dobbs hasn’t been as good as I hoped, but I trust him more than Appleby, and the Vols are at home, I’m picking Tennessee to break the streak and win, 28-24.

The Pick: Tennessee

Penn State (2-1) @ #4 Michigan (3-0) – 3:30PM ET, ABC

Penn State is an odd team  to try and figure out. Saquon Barkley is a good running back and the receiving core is deep but quarterback Trace McSorley is still trying to figure things out. The defense is the real question mark, they can rush the quarterback, but are kind of weak against the run, and when Michigan gets to the second or third level there is a good chance for a long run against what is frankly a secondary that can’t tackle. But Colorado kept it close for a while against Michigan, and if it wasn’t for the injury at quarterback Colorado might have won. Colorado’s gameplan was to stretch the field and rush the passer, and it worked. I don’t see Penn State winning, but I see some sort of a back door cover for the Nittany Lions, losing 35-21, just within the spread of 18.

The Pick: Michigan

#18LSU (2-1) @ Auburn (1-2) – 6PM ET, ESPN

I would say there is a greater than two-thirds chance that one of these two coaches will be fired by the end of the year, and a loss here is going to take one of these two coaches a step closer to being out of a job (which they’ll be hired somewhere else almost immediately) Auburn lost to a good Texas A&M team last week and LSU beat Mississippi State last week. LSU’s defense is working fantastically, they held a good running team in Wisconsin to 16 points in the season opener. The good news for Auburn? The offense isn’t working for LSU. Leonard Fournette is fumbling the ball, and no one knows how the LSU quarterback situation is working out. At the end of the day, I’m picking LSU because they are the only team with a proven win, but I’m not confident, and I think it’ll be close, 30-28.

The Pick: LSU

Oklahoma State (2-1) @ #16Baylor (3-0) – 7:30PM ET, FOX

It’s hard not to cheer for Oklahoma State after they were screwed out of a win against Central Michigan back in Week 2 due to a bad call. The Cowboys should be able to hang around on the road against Baylor, there’s nothing that will light a fire under a team like what Oklahoma State went through. I really like Oklahoma State’s passing game with Mason Rudolph at the helm, Rudolph threw for a OK State record 540 yards last week but to beat Baylor I feel like you need a good running game, and Oklahoma State doesn’t really have that right now. I expect this to be a shootout, as are most games in the Big 12 as neither team has a good defense. The spread is Baylor -8.5, and I’m feeling like we’ll see a back door cover here, with the Bears pulling away late, 45-31.

The Pick: Baylor

#7Stanford (2-0) @ UCLA (2-1) – 8PM ET, ABC

This is an interesting game, Stanford faced USC in the 8 ABC game last week and that game was kind of meh, Stanford ended up beating USC 27-10, it’s hard to judge how good a win that is, as those same Trojans got brutalized by Alabama 52-6. UCLA lost on the road to Texas A&M in Week 1, and edged out BYU in week 3. I really don’t know where to go in this game, Josh Rosen is a good quarterback for UCLA, although I don’t think he is playing up to his true potential, as for Stanford, their offense hasn’t exactly set the world on fire but if this comes to a grind it out kind of game, Stanford will win, It’s wise in close games to go with the home team, but UCLA hasn’t shown me anything yet, at least Stanford has beaten USC. I’ve got Stanford in a really close one, 31-30.

The Pick: Stanford

#17Arkansas vs #10Texas A&M (Arlington, TX) – 9PM ET, ESPN

This is the final game I’ll be previewing for  Week 3. If you’ve been looking at my top 25 articles ( ) which, by the way, are the only way to see my current top 4 + teams close to the top 4. You may have noticed that despite being ranked 17th in the AP poll, Arkansas is still unranked in mine, and I’ll tell you why here. Arkansas beat Louisiana Tech, who was ranked 94th in my preseason 1-128 rankings, by one point to start the season. Most supporters of Arkansas will point to the win over TCU, but in reality, how good is TCU? Their defense let up 40+ to a not even top 10 FCS team, and then they beat a really bad Iowa State team. So Arkansas’s resume is nearly losing to a really bad team, and nearly losing to a team that might be good. Why should they be ranked? Anyway, I really like Trevor Knight as Texas A&M’s qaurterback and I think the Aggies take this one, 35-31.

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