#21-ohio-state-logo#21 Ohio State
#14-illinois-logo#14 Illinois
12:00 pm, January 16
#7-michigan-logo#7 Michigan
#23-minnesota-logo#23 Minnesota
2:00 pm, January 16
#2-baylor-logo#2 Baylor
#15-texas-tech-logo#15 Texas Tech
4:00 pm, January 16
#18-virginia-logo#18 Virginia
#12-clemson-logo#12 Clemson
6:00 pm, January 16
#9-wisconsin-logo#9 Wisconsin54
#7-michigan-logo#7 Michigan77
#19-duke-logo#19 Duke67
#20-virginia-tech-logo#20 Virginia Tech74
#6-kansas-logo#6 Kansas70
oklahoma-state-logoOklahoma State75
#15-texas-tech-logo#15 Texas Tech79
#4-texas-logo#4 Texas77
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College Football Best Bets and Predictions for Week Seven

Straight Up (35 Games per week, but hurricanes caused cancellations in Weeks 1&2)

Week One: 30-4 (88%)
Week Two: 26-6 (81%)
Week Three: 26-9 (74%)
Week Four: 27-8 (77%)
Week Five: 29-6 (83%)
Week Six: 27-8 (77%)
Season: 138-33 (81%)

ATS Best Bets

Week One: 3-1 (100 dollar bet on each would’ve won 200$)
Week Two: 8-1 (100 dollar bet on each would’ve won 700$)
Week Three: 6-1 (100 dollar bet on each would’ve won 500$)
Week Four: 3-5 (100 dollar bet on each would’ve lost 200$)
Week Five: 4-3 (100 dollar bet on each would’ve won 100$)
Week Six: 3-2 (100 dollar bet on each would’ve won 100$)
Season: 27-13 (100 dollar bet on each would’ve won 1400$)


South Carolina (+3.5) over Tennessee – 12PM
Boston College (+22) over Louisville – 12:20PM
Wisconsin (-16.5) over Purdue – 3:30PM
Texas A&M (+3) over Florida – 7PM
Utah (+13) over USC – 8PM
Washington (-17.5) over Arizona State – 10:45PM

Poll Rankings are AP Top 25 not my own, check out the CSD Top 25 by clicking the link

Tier One Games

#6TCU (5-0) @ Kansas State (3-2) – 12PM ET, Fox Sports One 

Interesting how this game, perhaps the best matchup of the day, is on at noon. TCU has one of the best resumes in the country, with wins over Arkansas, West Virginia, and Oklahoma State, but I absolutely see potential for an upset here. The “Little Apple” is a tough place to play for almost anyone, the stadium is over capacity much of the time, and it’s in the middle of nowhere. K-State took Texas to overtime last week, and this is going to be another game that will come down to the wire, but Kenny Hill has rebounded from a poor year in 2016, and the TCU defense looks like one that Gary Patterson would be proud of once again. Bill Snyder will have K-State ready, and I wouldn’t touch TCU-6 with a ten foot pole, but since I have to make a pick, I’ll side with the proven commodity.

Prediction: TCU 37, Kansas State 30

#10Auburn (5-1) @ LSU (4-2) – 3:30PM ET, CBS

LSU rebounded from the Troy loss last week by going to the Swamp and beating a ranked Florida team. LSU is going to be one of those hot and cold teams this year, that you will never quite know which team Ed Orgeron is going to put out there, the Mississippi State one, or the BYU one. Regardless, Auburn is a top tier team, no doubt about it, their one possession loss to Clemson on the road might actually strengthen their resume given how dominant CU has been this year, even on the road. This is going to be a defensive struggle, and if either team gets into the mid-30’s I’d be surprised, but I have absolutely zero confidence in Danny Etling as a quarterback, and even on the road, I’ve got Auburn.

Prediction: Auburn 30, LSU 24

#12Oklahoma (4-1) vs Texas (3-2) – 3:30PM ET, ESPN (in Dallas, TX)

The Red River Rivalry made the list of tier one games, what do you know? Oklahoma has the best win of any team in the country (@ Ohio State), which is why I kept them in the top ten, but they also have the worst loss of any top 25 team, at home, to the Iowa State Cyclones this past week. Texas is another hot and cold team, they lost to a bad Maryland team, but the Longhorns also beat Kansas State, and probably should have beaten USC on the road (I told you they should’ve gone for two!). Two of the toughest teams to evaluate in all of college football, but I think that loss to Iowa State last week woke the Sooners up, and I see Oklahoma getting the win in Dallas.

Prediction: Oklahoma 37, Texas 27

Purdue (3-2) @ #7Wisconsin (5-0) – 3:30PM ET, BTN

I really like Wisconsin this year, and I think Vegas really undervalues the Badgers because they’ve played nobody this year. I took Wisconsin mins the 11 last week over Nebraska, and won. This time, you are laying more points (16.5) but it’s at home, against an improved but still mediocre Purdue team, I’ll take that any day of the week. Wisconsin’s non-con also looks a little better than it did before, with FAU contending for a Conference-USA title, and Utah State holding a record of 3-1 against fellow group of five opponents. Purdue is fine, and I’d be really happy if they made a bowl, I rated Jeff Brohm as my #1 higher of the offseason, but I certainly don’t see them taking down Wisconsin on the road.

Prediction: Wisconsin 38, Purdue 14 (Wisconsin -16.5 is a BEST BET for Week Seven)

Arkansas (2-3) @ #1Alabama (6-0) – 7:15PM ET, ESPN

Guess who is about to get murdered? Alabama looked vulnerable for the first time last week against Texas A&M, in a game that came down to the last possession (Texas A&M actually went up in my power ratings after the loss). That is not happening against Arkansas. Alabama is going to get back to the pace they were at against Ole Miss and Vandy. The Tide are at home, and Arkansas has a rough go of things so far this year, and things aren’t going to get better with Alabama this week, and then Auburn the next. Bret Bielema’s buyout will prevent him from getting fired this year, but he better have something up his sleeve in 2018, or he is out. This is going to be a beatdown.

Prediction: Alabama 45, Arkansas 14

Tier Two Games

#2Clemson (6-0) @ Syracuse (3-3) – 7PM ET, ESPN (Friday)

Prediction: Clemson 44, Syracuse 17

#8Washington State (6-0) @ California (3-3) – 10:30PM ET, ESPN (Friday)

Prediction: Washington State 35, California 21

 Florida State (1-3) @  Duke (4-2) – 12PM ET, ESPN2

Prediction: Florida State 31, Duke 20

#17 Michigan (4-1) @  Indiana (3-2) – 12PM ET, ABC

Prediction: Michigan 30, Indiana 17

Georgia Tech (3-1) @ #11Miami (4-0) – 3:30PM ET, ABC

Prediction: Miami 33, Georgia Tech 28

Baylor (0-5) @ #14Oklahoma State (4-1) – 3:30PM ET, Fox Sports 1

Prediction: Oklahoma State 52, Baylor 21

Texas A&M (4-2) @ Florida (3-2) – 7PM ET, ESPN2

Prediction: Texas A&M 28, Florida 24 (Texas A&M +3 is a BEST BET for Week Seven)

#9Ohio State (5-1) @ Nebraska (3-3) – 7:30PM ET, Fox Sports One

Prediction: Ohio State 42, Nebraska 14

Utah (4-1) @ #13USC (5-1) – 8PM ET, ABC

Prediction: USC 33, Utah 27 (Utah +13 is a BEST BET for Week Seven)

#5Washington (6-0) @ Arizona State (2-3) – 10:45PM ET, ESPN

Prediction: Washington 44, Arizona State 14 (Washington -17.5 is a BEST BET for Week Seven)

Tier Three Games

Eastern Michigan (2-3) @ Army (4-2) – 12PM ET, CBS Sports Network

Prediction: Army 28, Eastern Michigan 21

BYU (1-5) @ Mississippi State (3-2) – 12PM ET, SEC Network

Prediction: Mississippi State 35, BYU 17

#20 NC State (5-1) @  Pittsburgh (2-4) – 12PM ET, ACC Network

Prediction: NC State 37, Pittsburgh 24

South Carolina (4-2) @ Tennessee (3-2) – 12PM ET, ESPN

Prediction: South Carolina 31, Tennessee 21 (South Carolina +3.5 is a BEST BET for Week Seven)

#24  Texas Tech (4-1) @  West Virginia (3-2) – 12PM ET, ESPNU

Prediction: West Virginia 40, Texas Tech 34

Boston College (2-4) @ Louisville (4-2) – 12:20PM ET, ACC Network

Prediction: Louisville 33, Boston College 20 (Boston College +22 is a BEST BET for Week Seven)

Vanderbilt (3-3) @ Ole Miss (2-3) – 3:30PM ET, SEC Network

Prediction: Vanderbilt 26, Ole Miss 24

Northwestern (2-3) @ Maryland (3-2) – 3:30PM ET, ESPN2

Prediction: Northwestern 28, Maryland 21

 Virginia (4-1) @  North Carolina (1-5) – 3:30PM ET, ACC Network

Prediction: Virginia 30, North Carolina 24

#25Navy (5-0) @ Memphis (4-1) – 3:45PM ET, ESPNU

Prediction: Navy 40, Memphis 38

Colorado (3-3) @ Oregon State (1-5) – 4PM ET, Pac-12 Network

Prediction: Colorado 31, Oregon State 17

Houston (4-1) @ Tulsa (1-5) – 4PM ET, ESPNews

Prediction: Houston 37, Tulsa 24

East Carolina (1-5) @ #22UCF (4-0) – 7PM ET, CBS Sports Network

Prediction: UCF 52, East Carolina 12

Cincinnati (2-4) @ #18South Florida (5-0) – 7:30PM ET, ESPNU

Prediction: USF 47, Cincinnati 17

Missouri (1-5) @ #4Georgia (6-0) – 7:30PM ET, SEC Network

Prediction: Georgia 45, Missouri 14

#21Michigan State (4-1) @ Minnesota (3-2) – 8PM ET, Big Ten Network

Prediction: Michigan State 24, Minnesota 20

UCLA (3-2) @ Arizona (3-2) – 9PM ET, Pac-12 Network

Prediction: Arizona 37, UCLA 34

Nevada (1-5) @ Colorado State (4-2) – 10:15PM ET, ESPN2

Prediction: Colorado State 47, Nevada 21

Boise State (3-2) @ #19San Diego State (6-0) – 10:30PM ET, CBS Sports Network

Prediction: San Diego State 30, Boise State 24

Oregon (4-2) @ #23Stanford (4-2) – 11PM ET, Fox Sports One

Prediction: Stanford 35, Oregon 26

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