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#14-north-carolina-logo#14 North Carolina
12:00 pm, October 24
#5-ohio-state-logo#5 Ohio State
12:00 pm, October 24
#8-penn-state-logo#8 Penn State
3:30 pm, October 24
#3-notre-dame-logo#3 Notre Dame
3:30 pm, October 24
#2-alabama-logo#2 Alabama
3:30 pm, October 24
#17-iowa-state-logo#17 Iowa State
#6-oklahoma-state-logo#6 Oklahoma State
3:30 pm, October 24
south-carolina-logoSouth Carolina
7:00 pm, October 24
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7:30 pm, October 24
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#16-smu-logo#16 SMU
9:00 pm, October 24



October 11, 2013

15 Washington 4-0 at 5 Stanford 4-0

Let’s start, opening kickoff to Stanford and Stanford’s Ty Montgomery is going to field it, Montgomery splits the safties and…HE GONE! 7-0 Stanford! 10-7 Stanford now, Stanford ball an QB Kevin Hogan finds Ty Montgomery in the endzone for the score and it’s 17-7 Stanford. 3rd quarter, Washington ball and QB Kieth Price finds Kevin Smith for the TD and it’s 17-14! But Stanford comes back, Hogan runs it in for the score around the left end and Stanford is up 24-14. 31-21 Stanford now and Washington ball, Price finds Jaydon Mickens  for the 1 yard TD and the lead is down to 3! 3rd and 1 for Stanford now and a first down here would basically win the game for Stanford but Hogan is tackled so Washington has a last chance! 4th and 10 for U-W now and Price runs around, stiff arms a defender and throws it to Kevin Smith for a first down! Washington stays alive! But wait  they review it and call it incomplete so Stanford stays undefeated and wins 31-28. Price was  33/48, 350 Yds, 2 Td and a interception. Hogan has 12/20, 100 yards, a throwing and running TD and a INT.

4 Ohio State 5-0 at 16 Northwestern 4-0

7-3 Northwestern, NW punting and Ohio State’s Bradley Roby bloocks the punt and recovers it in the endzone and that’s 7 points for Ohio State! 2nd quarter now and NW ball and Kain Colter runs it in, Northwestern back up 14-10! 23-13 NW now but OSU ball and QB Braxton Miller is going to run with it but Miller fumbles it and NW recovers! Could OSU be knocked out of the title race. Then after a interception OSU ball and runningback Carlos Hyde runs it in f0r a score and OSU is up 27-23! 4th quarter now and NW QB Trevor Siemian throws deep to Rashad Lawrence for a gain of 67! That would set up Siemian finds Cameron Dickerson for a TD and Northwestern is up 30-27. But then, OSU ball and Carlos Hyde runs it in and OSU is up 34-30! They go on to win 40-30 and OSU wins thier 18th straight game!  Carlos  Hyde had 26 carries for 168 yards and 3 scores.

10 LSU 4-1 at Mississippi State 2-2

21-16 LSU and Mississippi State ball and QB Tyler Russell  goes deep and finds De’Runnya Wilson for a score and Mississippi State is up 23-21. 20 seconds left in the half and LSU QB Zach Mettenberger finds Odell Beckham for the score and LSU is back up 5! And then, 31-26  LSU, 1st play of the 4th quarter and Mettenberger finds Beckham who takes it to the house and LSU goes on to win 59-26. Mettenberger was 25/29, 340 yards, 2 TD and a interception. LSU running back Kenny Hilliard had 6 carries for 39 yards and 3 TD’s.

6 Georgia 3-1 at Tennessee 3-2

Georgia runningback Kieth Marshall was injured in the 1st so Georgia without him for most of the day. 3-0 Georgia now and UGA ball, QB Aaron Murray finds Chris Conley who makes an amazing one-handed catch and Georgia takes a 10-0 lead! 17-10 Georgia winning, Georgia punting and Devaun Swafford blocks the punt, scoops and scores and we are tied at 17. 24-24 now and Rajion Neal runs it in for a Tennessee score and Tennessee is up 7! But then, 8 seconds to go and Aaron Murray finds Rantavious Wooten and we are going to overtime! In OT, Tenn ball and Alton Howard running, he dives for the pylon and that’s a touchdown! But then after review he fumbled in the endzone, Georgia ball and the Dawgs would kick a 42 yarder to win the game and Georgia wins 34-31. Aaron Murray was 19/35, 196 yards and 3 TD’s.

TCU 2-2 at 11 Oklahoma 4-0

Let’s start 13-3 Oklahoma, TCU ball and TCU QB Trevone Boykin runs it past the D and that cuts the lead to 3! But then, 4th quarter and Oklahoma ball, RB Brennan Clay uses his speed to burn past the defense and Oklahoma is up 20-10! Then TCU’s Boykin runs it in and that cuts the lead to 3 however, OU would hld on to win 20-17! Oklahoma QB Blake Bell was 20/31, 152 yards and Oklahoma RB Clay had 9 carries for 111 yards and a TD!

22 Arizona State 3-1 at Notre Dame 3-2

Let’s start, 17-13 Notre Dame, ND ball and QB Tommy Rees finds Troy Niklas in the endzone for a TD and Notre Dame gets a 24-13 lead! But then, early 4th quarter and ND ball, and Rees is intercepted by Arizona State’s Osahon Irabor who returns it around the left side for a TD and that cuts the lead to 24-20 Notre Dame. 27-20 ND now but Arizona State ball and QB Taylor Kelly finds De’Marieya Nelson who spins around a defender, into the endzone and we are tied at 27! 30-27 Notre Dame now and Kelly trying to lead Arizona State down the field but he is intercepted by Notre Dame’s Dan Fox who returns it all the way for the TD and Notre Dame goes on to win 37-34! Arizona State’s QB Taylor Kelly was 33/47 with 362 yards, 3 TD’s and 2 interceptions. Notre Dame QB Tommy Rees was 17/38, 279 yards, 3 TD’s and 1 interception.

3 Clemson 4-0 at Syracuse 2-2

Syracuse playing it’s first ever ACC game and let’s start 40 seconds in and it seems like Tajh Boyd is saying “Welcome to the conference!” Boyd throws the ball 60 yards downfield and finds Adam Humphries for the TD and Clemson is up 7! 14-0 Clemson now and Boyd finds Humphries again who spins around a defender and that is another Clemson TD and that makes it 21-zip! 35-14 Clemson now and Boyd goes deep, really deep to Sammy Watkins and that’s a 91 yard TD pass as Clemson goes on to win 49-14! Boyd was 20/27, 455 yards, 5 TD’s and 2 INT’s. Clemson WR Adam Humphries had 3 catches for 118 yards and 2 scores.

25 Maryland 4-0 at 8 Florida State 4-0

Maryland QB C.J. Brown was injured early in the game so Maryland without their star QB for most of the game. 14-0 FSU now and Florida State ball and QB Famous Jameis Winston finds Kelvin Benjamin who leaps and catches it for a Florida State TD and that’s 21-0! 3rd quarter now and Winston goes deep to Rashad Greene for a gain of 48 and then Winston finds Nick O’Leary for a touchdown and then Winston finds Kenny Shaw in the corner of the endzone and it’s 35-0! Late 3rd quarter and Winston evades a sack, breaks another, then scrambles and finally finds Nick OLeary for a TD! FSU goes on to win 69-0! WInston was 23/32, 393 yards and 5 scores. FSU WR Kelvin Benjamin had 5 catches for 60 yards and 2 TD’s.

Georgia Tech 3-1 at 14 Miami 4-0

Let’s start, 7-0 Georgia Tech and Miami ball, QB Stephen Morris goes deep to Philip Dorsett who makes a great catch and we are tied at 7! 24-17 Miami now and GT’s David Sims runs through the defense and after a missed extra-point by Georgia Tech it is 24-23 Miami. Later in the 4th and Dallas Crawford gets two rushing TD’s, he made it look easy as Miami goes 5-0 for the first time since ’04 with a 45-30 victory for the ‘canes led by Stephen Morris who was 17/22, 324 yards, 3 Td’s and 2 INT’s.

Arkansas 3-2 at 18 Florida 3-1

Let’s start, 10-7 Florida and UF QB Tyler Murphy finds Solomon Patton who jukes around a defender and scores and Florida is up 17-7! Then, later in  the 3rd and Murphy finds Patton again, this time Patton jukes 3 defenders to score and Florida would go on to win 30-10. and Murphy was 16/22, 240 yards and 3 TD’s. Patton had 6 catches for 124 yards and 2 scores.

2 Oregon 4-0 at Colorado 2-1

Let’s start, 29-16 Oregon and Oregon ball, QB Marcus Mariota runs around the left end of the defense for a touchdown and it’s 36-16! Earlier in the game, 15-1-0 Oregon and Mariota finds Bralon Addison deep for 75+ yard TD and then later in the 3rd, 43-16 Oregon and Mariota goes deep to Addison again Oregon goes on to win 57-16! Note: In all of Oregon’s 5 games they have scored 55+ points. Oregon QB Marioita was 16/27, 355 yards and 5 throwing+2 rushing Touchdowns!

West Virginia 3-2 at 17 Baylor 3-0

Let’s start, 40 seconds into the game and Baylor QB Bryce Petty goes deep and finds Antwan Goodley deep, that’s a 61 yard TD and the Bears are up 7-0. 21-7 Baylor now and Baylor running back Lache Seastrunk jukes around the defensefor a 80 yard TD run and Baylor just dominated this game! 49-14 Baylor and Petty hands it off to another Baylor RB: Shock Linwood  who runs around the defense for the score, Baylor goes on to win 73-42! Petty was 17/25, 347 yards, 2 TD’s, an interception and a running TD! Oregon RB Lache Seastrunk had 15 carries for 172 yards and 2 scores.

Georgia State 0-4 at 1 Alabama 4-0

14-0 ‘bama and bama ball, QB AJ McCarron fires to the endzone and finds DeAndrew White who makes a amazing one-handed catch over the Georgia State defender, ‘bama goes on to win 45-3. McCarron was 15/16, 166 yards, and 4 TD’s. Bama backup Blake Sims was 14/18, 130 yards and a TD.

Kentucky 1-3 at 13 South Carolina 3-1

Let’s start South Carolina ball and QB Connor Shaw goes deep and finds Damiere Byrd for a 62 yard TD! 27-21 South Car. now and Shaw runs it in himself and after the 2 point conversion it’s 35-21 South Carolina! SCAR goes on to win 35-28. Note: South Carolina star Jadeveon Clowney did not play (bruised hip). SCAR QB Connor Shaw was  17/20, 262 yards, and a throwing TD and a running TD.

Illinois 3-1 at Nebraska 3-1

One play from this one, 30-12 Nebraska and Nebraska ball, QB Tommy Armstrong Jr. finds Kenny Bell for a TD, Bell makes an incredible one-handed catch for the TD, Nebraska goes on to win 39-19! Illinois RB Josh Ferguson had 19 carries for 114 yards and a TD, Neb RB Ameer Abdullah had 20 runs for 225 yards and 2 TD’s.

Penn State 3-1 at Indiana 2-2

Let’s start, 14-13 Penn State, Indiana ball and Indiana hands it off to Tevin Coleman who runs past the defense for a 44 yard TD and after the 2-point conversion it’s 21-14 Indiana! 28-17 Indiana now and IND ball, Indiana QB Nate Sudfeld  finds Kofi Hughes who makes a good catch for the TD, Indiana goes on to win 44-24! Sudfeld was 23/38, 321 yards, 2 TD’s and a interception. PSU QB Christian Hackenberg was 30/55, 340 yards and 3 TD’s!

20 Texas  Tech 4-0 at Kansas 2-1

47-10 Texas Tech and TTU ball, QB Davis Webb fires to the endzone to Dylan Cantrell who makes a beautiful one-handed catch, TTU goes on to win 54-16!


Kansas state 29 at
21 Oklahoma State 33

Air Force 1-4 at Navy 2-1

21-10 Navy, Navy ball and QB Keenan Reynolds runs it around the defense for a score and Navy wins 28-10! Reynolds was 6/10 54 yards, he also had 126 running yards and 3 running TD’s! Air Force RB  Anthony LaCoste had 5 carries 36 yards and a TD.

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Rutgers 3-1 at SMU 1-3

Let’s start, 35-27 Rutgers and SMU ball, SMU QB Garrett Gilbert finds Jeremy Johnson who breaks three tackles on his way to getting into the endzone! But SMU needs a 2-point conversion to make it to overtime and so on the 2-point conversion, Garrett Gilbert scrambles and throws right as he’s going out of bounds, across the field and finds Johnson who makes an incredible catch! Play of the week in my opinion. But then in triple overtime, 52-49 SMU, however a TD for Rutgers would win the game and they get that on a Justin Goodwin 17 yard TD and Rutgers wins 55-52!

Another Score

7 Louisville 30
Temple 7

My Top 4

1 Alabama
2 Oregon
3 Clemson
4 Stanford

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