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Burmgarner shuts down Dodgers (Giants-Dodgers)


July 8, 2013

Dodgers bat in top of inning

Giants bat in bottom of inning

Let’s start, bottom 1st, 0-0, man on 3rd, 1 out for the Giants and Buster Posey knocks a double down the right field line, run scores but wait! Here is the top of the Giants batting order:

1 Blanco

2 Scutaro

3 Sandoval

4 Posey

You’re probably thinking what does that have to do with anything? well let me answer that question there was 1 runner on base, 1 out, and no runs scored. that only adds up to 2 so the next batter would be batter #3 right? well if you look back at our lineup Posey was supposed to bat 4th so the Giants were batting out of order which means Sandoval (the guy who was supposed to be batting 3rd) is automatically out and the run does not score. Bottom 2nd, 1-0 Giants now and Gregor Blanco hits it up the middle, Nick Punto tries to go behind the back and fails so Blanco is safe and a run scores, that makes it 2-0 Giants. Top 6th now, 4-2, Madison Bumgarner pitching for the Giants and Bumgarner strikes out Yasiel Puig! Top 7th, same pitcher same score and Bumgarner gets Andre Ethier to strike out, Bumgarner had 9 strike outs on the night and the Giants hold on to win, 4-2.

LAD 2 4 3

SF     4 7 0

Dodgers now 41-45

Giants now 40-46

Key Players

(LAD) Federowicz 1-3 HR (3), 2 RBI

(LAD) Ramirez        1-4 3B

(SF) Posey                 1-4

(SF) Sandoval           1-4


W:(SF) Bumgarner (9-5) 7 IP, 2 ER, 9 K

L:(LAD) Fife (3-3) 4 1/3 IP, ER, 0 K

S:(SF) Romo (20)

Dodgers; Hanley Ramirez: Career-high 17 game hit streak

Giants: Snap 4-game losing streak

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