#3-villanova-logo#3 Villanova
9:00 pm, January 28
#7-iowa-logo#7 Iowa
#19-illinois-logo#19 Illinois
9:00 pm, January 29
#9-alabama-logo#9 Alabama
#24-oklahoma-logo#24 Oklahoma
12:00 pm, January 30
#11-west-virginia-logo#11 West Virginia
2:00 pm, January 30
#15-kansas-logo#15 Kansas
#18-tennessee-logo#18 Tennessee
6:00 pm, January 30
#8-virginia-logo#8 Virginia
#20-virginia-tech-logo#20 Virginia Tech
6:00 pm, January 30
#21-minnesota-logo#21 Minnesota
7:30 pm, January 30
#10-texas-tech-logo#10 Texas Tech93
#11-west-virginia-logo#11 West Virginia88
#24-oklahoma-logo#24 Oklahoma80
#5-texas-logo#5 Texas79

I had the #1 Bracketology for 2018!


March 13, 2018

Bracketmatrix.com has examined every bracketology published for 2018, and out of almost 200, my score of 361 came in first place. The score of 361 is the second-highest ever recorded in the 13 year history of the matrix.

The scores are counted as follows: Three points for a correct team in the field, three points for having that team on the correct seed line, and one point for having a team within one spot of the correct seed line. I finished with 67 of the 68 correct teams, placing 48 on the correct seed line, and 16 one away.

It was not a solo victory though, my second all-time score of 361 was actually part of a four way tie for first, which has never happened in the history of the matrix. The other three sites are: 131sports.com, gadepool.com, and msportsfans.org.

We each had four “misses” a miss is defined as having a team out that was in, or having a team two or more spots away from their actual seed line. All four of us had Syracuse out (they ended in), Providence as an eight seed (they ended as a ten), Creighton as a ten seed (they ended as an eight), and three of us had West Virginia as a three seed (they ended as a five). MSportsFans’ fourth miss was having UCLA as a nine seed (they ended as an eleven).

ESPN’s Joe Lunardi game in 75th place, and CBS’s Jerry Palm came in 80th place.

Here is a link to my final bracketology –> crazysportsdude.com/bracketologyfinal

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