#9-iowa-logo#9 Iowa
#3-michigan-logo#3 Michigan
7:00 pm, February 25
#19-usc-logo#19 USC
9:00 pm, February 25
#14-texas-logo#14 Texas
#18-texas-tech-logo#18 Texas Tech
12:00 pm, February 27
#3-michigan-logo#3 Michigan
12:00 pm, February 27
#5-illinois-logo#5 Illinois
#23-wisconsin-logo#23 Wisconsin
2:00 pm, February 27
#20-arkansas-logo#20 Arkansas
2:00 pm, February 27
#11-florida-state-logo#11 Florida State
north-carolina-logoNorth Carolina
4:00 pm, February 27
#2-baylor-logo#2 Baylor
#17-kansas-logo#17 Kansas
8:00 pm, February 27
#9-iowa-logo#9 Iowa
#4-ohio-state-logo#4 Ohio State
4:00 pm, February 28
#17-kansas-logo#17 Kansas72
#14-texas-logo#14 Texas75
#6-alabama-logo#6 Alabama66
#20-arkansas-logo#20 Arkansas81
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Bracketology Friday – Big Ten Teams In

The Big Ten has far and away been the best conference in college basketball this year. According to the most recent update of the CSD Prime College Basketball Computer model, the average Big Ten team holds a ranking of 34th. The next highest conference is the Big 12, 15 spots lower at 49th. The SEC, ACC, and Big East all fall about ten spots below that, and the Pac-12 trails even further back.

It takes a conference as dominant as the Big Ten to put a team like Maryland, with a 10-8 record, into the NCAA tournament conversation, but the Terps’ resume is hard to deny. Maryland ranks 37th in the NET with four Q1 victories. All eight losses for UM come in Q1 games.

Only three other teams in the country have at least four Q1 victories and zero sub-Q1 defeats, and they are all ranked in the top ten of the AP poll. So come on, I know they’ve got eight losses, but let’s put the Terps in the field.

Seed List


Italicized – Play-in game
GREEN – Moved up one or more seed line
RED – Moved down one or more seed line
BLUE – New to bracket

Note: The furthest left team is considered to be the highest-ranked on the seed line and the furthest right is considered to be the lowest-ranked

1 Seeds: Gonzaga, Baylor, Michigan, Villanova
2 Seeds: Houston, Ohio State, Alabama, Texas
3 Seeds: Illinois, Virginia, Iowa, Missouri
4 Seeds:
Wisconsin, Tennessee, Texas Tech, Florida State
5 Seeds: Oklahoma, Creighton, West Virginia, Kansas
6 Seeds: Virginia Tech, UCLA, Purdue, USC
7 Seeds: Rutgers, Florida, Colorado, Xavier
8 Seeds: Louisville, Oklahoma State, BYU, Minnesota
9 Seeds:
 Drake, Clemson, Boise State, Connecticut
10 Seeds: St. Bonaventure, San Diego State, North Carolina, Arkansas
11 Seeds: Loyola-Chicago, Oregon, LSU, Stanford
12 Seeds: Indiana, Colorado State, Richmond, Maryland, Toledo, Winthrop
13 Seeds: UAB, Colgate, Belmont, Furman
14 Seeds: South Dakota State, UC Irvine, Liberty, Abilene Christian
15 Seeds: Grand Canyon, Cleveland State, Vermont, Siena
16 Seeds: Louisiana, Northeastern, Montana State, Bryant, Prairie View A&M, North Carolina A&T

Dropped Out: Saint Louis

Bubble Watch

Last Four Byes
Last Four In
Colorado State
First Four Out
Utah State
Seton Hall
Next Four Out
Saint Louis
Georgia Tech
Western Kentucky

Bids By Conference

Big Ten – 10 of 15 (+0 in First Eight Out)
Big 12 – 7 of 10 (0)
SEC – 6 of 14 (0)
ACC – 6 of 15 (2)
Pac-12 – 5 of 12 (0)
Big East – 4 of 10 (1)
Mountain West – 3 of 11 (1)
WCC – 2 of 10 (0)
Missouri Valley – 2 of 10 (0)
Atlantic 10 – 2 of 14 (2)
American – 1 of 11 (1)
Conference USA – 1 of 14 (1)

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