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Bears, Eagles find Head Coaches


January 17, 2013

 Team  Hiring  Hiring’s old job  Old Coach  Upgrade or Downgrade




Chicago Bears




Marc Trestman




Montreal Alouettes (CFL) head coach





Lovie Smith


This will either be a great idea or a horrible plan and when you used to have a 10 win coach and you just might win 8 games with the new one it is kind of scary.

Philadelphia Eagles

Chip Kelly







Oregon ducks (NCAA) head coach



Andy Reid


There is probably no doubt that Reid is the better coach but towards the end of his carer  the eagles turned from from a great team to your average and maybe even below average team which is why he was fired I think that this is definitely a upgrade.

1 comment on “Bears, Eagles find Head Coaches

  1. Anonymous

    I’m with you Crazy Sports Dude! Any Reid was, is, and will be again a better coach.

    Lovie did a great job with the Bears. They take a big chance going with someone from the CFL.


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