#15-ohio-state-logo#15 Ohio State
6:30 pm, January 19
#18-alabama-logo#18 Alabama
9:00 pm, January 19
#4-iowa-logo#4 Iowa
9:00 pm, January 21
#7-michigan-logo#7 Michigan
7:00 pm, January 22
#9-kansas-logo#9 Kansas
12:00 pm, January 23
#2-baylor-logo#2 Baylor
oklahoma-state-logoOklahoma State
2:00 pm, January 23
#23-uconn-logo#23 UConn
#11-creighton-logo#11 Creighton
2:30 pm, January 23
#20-clemson-logo#20 Clemson
florida-state-logoFlorida State
3:00 pm, January 23
#15-ohio-state-logo#15 Ohio State
#10-wisconsin-logo#10 Wisconsin
4:00 pm, January 23
#19-missouri-logo#19 Missouri
#6-tennessee-logo#6 Tennessee
8:30 pm, January 23
#9-kansas-logo#9 Kansas69
#2-baylor-logo#2 Baylor77
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College Basketball Top 25 – A Top Ten Team Goes Down

#1 – Duke (10-0)

Duke keeps almost losing, and for someone like me that cares so much about game control, it’s hard to keep them number one, but they have the best collection of wins in the country.

#2 – Kansas (7-0)

Kansas is 7-0, with wins over Kentucky and Syracuse. They’ll play Arizona State on Sunday.

#3 – Michigan State (7-1)

Michigan State lost a close game to the best team in the country, and with wins over Notre Dame, North Carolina, and Connecticut, they remain at number three.

#4 – Notre Dame (7-1)

Notre Dame got blown out by Michigan State, but their head-to-head over Wichita State keeps them in the top four.

#5 – Wichita State (6-1)

Wichita State lost on a last-second play to Notre Dame, one shot goes a different way, and they might be #3.

#6 – Texas A&M (7-0)

Texas A&M might be the only country with four KenPom “A Level” wins: West Virginia, Oklahoma State, Penn State, and USC.

#7 – Florida (5-1)

Florida should have beaten Duke, but they didn’t, and their collection of wins aren’t quite at a top-five level.

#8 – Villanova (8-0)

Villanova should probably be higher, and with a win over Gonzaga this week, the KenPom #1 team will surely climb.

#9 – Miami (9-0) – Up 1

I was a little bit skeptical about Miami, before this week, they hadn’t beaten a team in the KenPom top 130, but the ‘Canes won a tight one over Minnesota, and they move up one.

#10 – North Carolina (8-1) – Up 1

North Carolina might get passed this week by Virginia, the Tar Heels are severely lacking quality wins.

#11 – Kentucky (7-1) – Up 1

Much like North Carolina, Kentucky is a name brand team that has recruited well, but the Wildcats’ best win is Vermont.

#12 – Virginia (8-0) – Up 1

Virginia is 8-0, with a win over Rhode Island, a fringe top 25 team, they can add another big victory to their resume with a win over West Virginia.

#13 – Gonzaga (7-1) – Up 2

Gonzaga beat Creighton last week, and their only loss is to Florida in overtime. A win over Villanova will shoot them into national title contention.

#14 – Xavier (7-1) – Up 7

Xavier has a nice trio of wins, with Wisconsin, Baylor, and Cincinnati on their resume.

#15 –┬áCincinnati (7-1) – Down 6

Cincinnati’s only loss is Xavier, and they can gain back any standing they lost on Saturday with a win over Florida this week.

#16 – Minnesota (8-1) – Down 2

Lost a heart breaker to Miami, they won’t fall far.

#17 – West Virginia (7-1) – Up 1

West Virginia plays Virginia this week with a chance to climb back into the top 15 after losing to Texas A&M at the beginning of the year.

#18 – TCU (8-0) – Up 5

TCU is 8-0, but they don’t have any good wins yet, SMU and Nevada this week could change that.

#19 – Nevada (8-0) – Up 2

Texas Tech on Tuesday, TCU on Friday, this team has two big chances to make a statement.

#20 – Baylor (5-2) – Down 1

Baylor has wins over Creighton and Wisconsin, so even with two losses, they stay in the top 20.

#21 – Creighton (5-2) – Down 1

In both of Creighton’s losses (Baylor, Gonzaga), the Bluejays led at the half, a few plays go differently, they could be pushing for the top ten.

#22 – Arizona State (7-0) – Up 2

The numbers clearly don’t stack up for the Sun Devils, who rank 54th in Kenpom, but wins over Xavier and Kansas State earn them a spot in my top 25.

#23 – Seton Hall (7-1) – NEW

Seton Hall avenged their loss to Rhode Island with wins over Louisville and Texas Tech. (Funnily enough those three are my #26-28)

#24 – Purdue (8-2) – NEW

Two losses this early always troubles me, but wins over Arizona, Louisville, and Maryland put me at ease.

#25 – USC (4-2) – Down 9

USC has lost their last two games, and they are *this* close to slipping out of the Top 25.

Dropped Out: #17 Louisville, #25 Arkansas

Others Considered (No Order): Louisville, Texas Tech, Rhode Island

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