College Football Top 25 Week 15 – Alabama or Ohio State+ My New Year’s Six

These are NOT predictions of what the committee will do, rather, they are what I think the committee SHOULD do.

Sugar Bowl (Semifinal) – Clemson vs Alabama
Rose Bowl (Semifinal) – Georgia vs Oklahoma

Orange Bowl – Wisconsin vs Miami
Cotton Bowl – Washington vs Penn State
Peach Bowl – UCF vs Auburn
Fiesta Bowl – USC vs Ohio State

Rank Team  Change Result Why?
 1  Clemson (12-1)  Up 2  Beat Miami 38-3  Dominated Miami.
 2  Georgia (12-1)  Up 4  Beat Auburn 28-7  Dominated Auburn.
 3  Oklahoma (12-1)  Down 1  Beat TCU 41-17  Dominated TCU.
 4  Alabama (11-1)  Up 1  Bye Week  #1 in Vegas and CPU Rankings, plus only one loss.
 5  Ohio State (11-2)  Up 2  Beat Wisconsin 27-21  Sorry, but that loss to Iowa drags down the Buckeyes.
 6  UCF (12-0)  Up 4  Beat Memphis 62-55 (2OT)  The only undefeated team in the country, and they have more top 25 wins than Alabama.
 7  Wisconsin (12-1)  Down 3  Lost to Ohio State 27-21  Lowest ranked one-loss team, only one win vs the top 25.
 8  Penn State (10-2)  No Change  Bye Week  Would make the top four if it really was the four best, but they’ll take a New Year’s Six bowl.
 9  Auburn (10-3)  Down 8  Lost to Georgia 28-7  I had them #1 and they let me down, no way a three-loss team contends for the playoff.
 10  Washington (10-2)  Up 1  Beye Week  Dominated one of the two teams that beat USC.
 11  USC (11-2)  Up 2  Beat Stanford 31-28  The blowout loss to a Notre Dame team that has faltered down the stretch keeps the Trojans from the top ten.
 12  TCU (10-3)  No Change  Lost to Oklahoma 41-17  We shouldn’t punish teams for making the conference title game, I expected TCU to lose and they did.
 13  Oklahoma State (9-3)  Up 4  Bye Week  Oklahoma State is extremely underrated this year, two/three losses are to top twelve teams.
 14  Miami (11-2)  Down 5  Lost to Clemson 38-3  I told you Miami was the most overrated team in the country, and they proved me right.
 15  Notre Dame (10-3)  Up 1  Bye Week  Stanford’s loss killed any hopes of a New Year’s Six Bowl.
 16  LSU (9-3)  Up 2  Bye Week  Loss to Troy = no top 15
 17  Memphis (10-2)  Down 3  Lost to UCF 62-55 (2OT)  Undefeated against teams not named “UCF”
 18  Virginia Tech (9-3)  Up 1  Bye Week  Decent year, beat the teams they should’ve beaten.
 19  Northwestern (9-3)  Up 1  Bye Week  Head-to-head over Michigan State.
 20  Michigan State (9-3)  Up 1  Bye Week  Win over Penn State keeps them in the top 20.
 21  Washington State (9-3)  Up 1  Bye Week  Beat USC, which is a better win than any team 22-25.
 22  Toledo (11-2)  Up 3  Beat Akron 45-28  One of their two losses was to Miami.
 23  South Florida (10-2)  Up 1  Bye Week  South Florida gave my #6 team a hell of a game.
 24  Florida Atlantic (10-3)  NEW  Beat North Texas 41-17  FAU has won nine straight games!
 25  Troy (10-2)  NEW  Beat Arkansas State 32-25  Stanford losing devalues San Diego State’s resume, which allows Troy (who beat LSU) to bump the Aztecs.



First Five Out: #26 San Diego State (10-2), #27 Stanford (8-4), #28 Boise State (10-3), #29 Louisville (8-4), #30, Mississippi State (8-4)

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