#23-nc-state-logo#23 NC State
#14-north-carolina-logo#14 North Carolina
12:00 pm, October 24
ole-miss-logoOle Miss
12:00 pm, October 24
#5-ohio-state-logo#5 Ohio State
12:00 pm, October 24
#8-penn-state-logo#8 Penn State
3:30 pm, October 24
#2-alabama-logo#2 Alabama
3:30 pm, October 24
#17-iowa-state-logo#17 Iowa State
#6-oklahoma-state-logo#6 Oklahoma State
3:30 pm, October 24
south-carolina-logoSouth Carolina
7:00 pm, October 24
#18-michigan-logo#18 Michigan
#21-minnesota-logo#21 Minnesota
7:30 pm, October 24
#9-cincinnati-logo#9 Cincinnati
#16-smu-logo#16 SMU
9:00 pm, October 24
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College Basketball Top 25 – The PK80 Fallout

#1 – Duke (8-0)

Two wins over top seven teams, the Blue Devils are #1 and it isn’t really that close.

#2 – Kansas (5-0)

Kansas still holds that win over Kentucky, and holds onto that #2 spot.

#3 – Michigan State (5-1)

Only loss was a barnburner to Duke, and the Spartans won half of the PK80.

#4 – Notre Dame (6-0)

Notre Dame won the Maui Invitational, and they get the #4 spot.

#5 – Wichita State (4-1)

Maui Invitational runner ups, the Shockers only loss is to Notre Dame/

#6 – Texas A&M (6-0)

Wins over USC and West Virginia, perhaps the most underrated team in the country.

#7 – Florida (5-1)

Florida lost a very close game to the best team in the country, they stay at #7.

#8 – Villanova (6-0)

Villanova hasn’t played anyone yet, but they hold their spot at #8.

#9 – Cincinnati (6-0)

Breezed through their preseason tournament, earned a top ten spot.

#10 – Miami (5-0)

Minnesota will be a big test this week.

#11 – North Carolina (5-1)

North Carolina got killed by Michigan State, but I expected Sparty to win, so they don’t drop too far.

#12 – Kentucky (6-1)

Kentucky lost to Kansas, but they won’t fall out of the top 15 unless they lose again.

#13 – Virginia (6-0)

Cavaliers have the #1 defense in the country, a top 30 offense, and are undefeated, that earns the ‘Hoos a top 15 spot.

#14 – Minnesota (7-0)

Unbeaten, including a win over Alabama under what was unusual circumstances.

#15 – Gonzaga (5-1)

Their only loss is to a top ten team in multiple overtimes, the Bulldogs also beat Texas Sunday.

#16 – USC (4-1)

USC lost to Texas A&M yesterday, so they fall out of the top 15.

#17 – Louisville (4-0)

Louisville is 4-0 against an easy schedule, but they face Purdue this week.

#18 – West Virginia (6-1)

Champions of the Advocare Invitational, only loss is to my #6 Texas A&M.

#19 – Baylor (5-0)

Baylor, 5-0 and champions of the Hall of Fame Classic.

#20 – Creighton (5-1)

Creighton lost to Baylor, but the Bluejays boast a win over UCLA.

#21 – Xavier (5-1)

Xavier has a win over Wisconsin, which keeps them in the top 25 after the loss to Arizona State.

#21 – Nevada (6-0)

Wins over two big mid-majors: Rhode Island and Davidson, they face my #22 and #23 teams in December.

#22 – Texas Tech (6-0)

Champions of the Hall of Fame Tipoff, including a blowout win over Northwestern.

#23 – TCU (6-0)

Beat St. Bonaventure en route to the Emerald Coast Classic.

#24 – Arizona State (6-0)

Arizona State beat Xavier and won the Continental Tire Las Vegas Invitational, to be fair, Arizona State wasn’t on my radar preseason, but they earned this spot.

#25 – Arkansas (5-1)

The only team I have ranked that the AP doesn’t is a bit of a wildcard, but the Razorbacks dominated Oklahoma and Connecticut on their way to a quiet third place in the PK80 Victory bracket.

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