#4-iowa-logo#4 Iowa
9:00 pm, January 21
#7-michigan-logo#7 Michigan
7:00 pm, January 22
#9-kansas-logo#9 Kansas
12:00 pm, January 23
#23-uconn-logo#23 UConn
#11-creighton-logo#11 Creighton
12:00 pm, January 23
#2-baylor-logo#2 Baylor
oklahoma-state-logoOklahoma State
2:00 pm, January 23
#20-clemson-logo#20 Clemson
florida-state-logoFlorida State
3:00 pm, January 23
#15-ohio-state-logo#15 Ohio State
#10-wisconsin-logo#10 Wisconsin
4:00 pm, January 23
#19-missouri-logo#19 Missouri
#6-tennessee-logo#6 Tennessee
8:30 pm, January 23
#9-kansas-logo#9 Kansas69
#2-baylor-logo#2 Baylor77
#15-ohio-state-logo#15 Ohio State65
#18-alabama-logo#18 Alabama105
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College Football Predictions and ATS Best Bets For Week Nine

Straight Up 

Week One: 29-6 (83%)
Week Two: 29-6 (83%)
Week Three: 26-9 (74%)
Week Four: 27-8 (77%)
Week Five: 29-6 (83%)
Week Six: 27-8 (77%)
Week Seven: 26-9 (74%)
Week Eight: 26-9 (74%)
Season: 219-61 (78%)

ATS Best Bets

Week One: 3-1 (100 dollar bet on each would’ve won 200$)
Week Two: 8-1 (100 dollar bet on each would’ve won 700$)
Week Three: 6-1 (100 dollar bet on each would’ve won 500$)
Week Four: 3-5 (100 dollar bet on each would’ve lost 200$)
Week Five: 4-3 (100 dollar bet on each would’ve won 100$)
Week Six: 3-2 (100 dollar bet on each would’ve won 100$)
Week Seven: 4-2 (100 dollar bet on each would’ve won 200$)
Week Eight: 2-4 (100 dollar bet on each would’ve lost 200$)
Season: 33-19 (100 dollar bet on each would’ve won 1,400$)

Best Bets for Week Nine

Florida State (-3.5) over Boston College – 8 (Friday), ESPN
Georgia (-13.5) over Florida – 3:30, CBS
Washington (-17) over UCLA – 3:30, ABC/ESPN2
Virginia Tech (-16) over Duke – 7:20, ACC Network
Arkansas State (-3) over New Mexico State – 8, ESPN3

Tier One (Five Games)

#3Georgia (7-0) @ Florida (3-3) – 3:30PM ET, CBS

Georgia is 7-0, they’ve got wins over Mississippi State and Notre Dame, the team is ranked #3 in the country, and could move up with a Penn State loss on Saturday, and Florida is 3-3 with all three of those wins by six points or fewer. The Dawgs control their own destiny to the playoff, and even if they drop a game, there is still a good chance they make it with a 12-1 record and either an SEC Championship or an undefeated regular season. This should be an easy pick, right? Well, it’s a rivalry game, and in the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party (Is it even still called that) you have to throw those records out. I’m picking Georgia, and the Bulldogs should, emphasis should, crush Florida. Jim McElwain’s offense has been spotty at best, and Georgia’s two headed monster at halfback is going to shred through the Gator defense, effectively clinching the divison for Georgia.

Prediction: Georgia 34, Florida 13 (Georgia -13.5 is a BEST BET for Week Nine)

#14NC State (6-1) @ #9Notre Dame (6-1) – 3:30PM ET, NBC

I am so excited for this game, and I’m angry that it is on at the same time as Penn State-Ohio State because to me, this is one of those super interesting games that is flying under the radar. In what is effectively a playoff elimination game, these two squads, who had a combined record of 10-14 last year in the regular season, but I had them both ranked back in August before any games had been played, and they haven’t disappointed me. I’ve been on the Notre Dame bandwagon for a while now, the Irish are actually underrated for once, but this is the perfect trap game. NC State is coming off of a bye week, and Notre Dame is coming off of a big rivalry game win against USC, a perfect letdown spot. I just can’t bring myself to do it, maybe if this game were in Raleigh. The Irish have one of the best ground games in the country, and NC State has one of the most stifling defensive lines in the country, this game will be won in the trenches, but in South Bend, I’ve got Notre Dame.

Prediction: Notre Dame 31, NC State 26

UCLA (4-3) @ #12Washington (6-1) – 3:30PM ET, ABC/ESPN2

Washington-UCLA is at 3:30 too? Seriously? Every game from here on out is a playoff elimination game for Washington, and for Jim Mora, he needs a big win to save his job for another year. This seems like a pretty easy pick to me though, Jim Mora is going to be fighting for everything here, but Washington is coming off of a bye, and the last game they played was surely a wake up moment for the Huskies as they lost in Tempe. I’ve been burned twice picking Washington minus double digits, but UCLA has been just atrocious thus far, take away the last second game winners against Texas A&M and Colorado, and this team is 2-5, sorry Bruin fans, but the Huskies are going to roll.

Prediction: Washington 45, UCLA 17 (Washington -17 is a BEST BET for Week Nine)

#2Penn State (7-0) @ #6Ohio State (6-1) – 3:30PM ET, FOX

The game of the week, no, scratch that, the game of the year up to this point, and absolutely an elimination game for the loser. Penn State looked unstoppable last week, Trace McSorley threw an interception early, but after that, the Nittany Lions were near perfect against Michigan. Ohio State has looked unstoppable all year other than the slip up against Oklahoma, but then again, who is the best team the Buckeyes have played… Indiana? Ohio State is coming off of a bye, and the game is in Columbus, and while these have been two of the most prolific offenses in the country thus far, and have gotten a lot of praise, this game won’t be a 42-41 shootout. The Penn State defense might be better than the Penn State offense, we are all just too distracted by Saquon Barkley to realize it. It’s hard to get a read on Ohio State because of the level of competition, but the Buckeyes are in the top four of pretty much every computer metric in existence. This game is pretty much a toss up to me, and it could certainly go either way, but I keep coming back to those two things, you have to face Urban Meyer off of a bye, and the game is in Columbus, so I lean Buckeyes here.

Prediction: Ohio State 35, Penn State 28

Georgia Tech (4-2) @ #7Clemson (6-1) – 8PM ET, ABC/ESPN2

Back in September, when Clemson beat Auburn, Louisville, and Virginia Tech in the span of 22 days and people asked, who can beat Clemson? This is the game I had circled. Now, obviously the Tigers lost against Syracuse two weeks ago, but dealing with the triple option is still one of the toughest problems the Tigers will face all year. Clemson is motivated after their loss to ‘Cuse in their last game, they’ve had a week extra to prepare for it because of the bye, and the game is at Clemson, but against a Paul Johnson offense, no team is safe, Clemson can’t take the Yellow Jackets lightly because of that two in the loss column, Georgia Tech went into Coral Gables and controlled Miami until the Hurricanes hit a last minute field goal to escape with a single point victory, and Georgia Tech’s other loss, also by a single point… in triple overtime. I’m still picking Clemson, I trust Dabo to have the Tigers not looking ahead to Atlanta, but I’m just saying, I know you cleared your 3:30 slot, maybe push back anything in the evening as well.

Prediction: Clemson 33, Georgia Tech 21

Tier Two (10 Games)

#11Oklahoma State (6-1) @ #22West Virginia (5-2) – 12PM ET, ABC

Prediction: Oklahoma State 48, West Virginia 39

Texas (3-4) @ Baylor (0-7) – 12PM ET, ESPNU

Prediction: Texas 30, Baylor 17

#4TCU (7-0) @ #25Iowa State (5-2) – 3:30PM ET, ABC/ESPN2

Prediction: TCU 35, Iowa State 27

Houston (4-3) @ #17South Florida (7-0) – 3:45PM ET, ESPNU

Prediction: USF 42, Houston 27

Minnesota (4-3) @ Iowa (4-3) – 6:30PM ET, Fox Sports One

Prediction: Iowa 28, Minnesota 20

Mississippi State (5-2) @ Texas A&M (5-2) – 7:15PM ET, ESPN

Prediction: Mississippi State 28, Texas A&M 23

Duke (4-4) @ #13Virginia Tech (6-1) – 7:20PM ET, ACC Network

Prediction: Virginia Tech 37, Duke 14 (Virginia Tech -16 is a BEST BET for Week Nine)

Texas Tech (4-3) @ #10Oklahoma (6-1) – 8PM ET, ABC/ESPN2

Prediction: Oklahoma 48, Texas Tech 33

#15Washington State (7-1) @ Arizona (5-2) – 9:30PM ET, Pac-12 Network

Prediction: Arizona 37, Washington State 34

#21USC (6-2) @ Arizona State (4-3) – 10:45PM ET, ESPN

Prediction: USC 33, Arizona State 24

Tier Three (20 Games)

Eastern Michigan (2-5) @ Northern Illinois (5-2) – 7PM ET, CBS Sports Network (Thursday)

Prediction: Northern Illinois 28, Eastern Michigan 20

Tulane (3-4) @ #24Memphis (6-1) – 8PM ET, CBS Sports Network (Friday)

Prediction: Memphis 40, Tulane 27

Florida State (2-4) @ Boston College (4-4) – 8PM ET, ESPN (Friday)

Prediction: Florida State 28, Boston College 17 (Florida State -3.5 is a BEST BET for Week Nine)

Arkansas (2-5) @  Ole Miss (3-4) – 12PM ET, SEC Network

Prediction: Arkansas 34, Ole Miss 30

Rutgers (3-4) @ Michigan (5-2) – 12PM ET, Big Ten Network

Prediction: Michigan 31, Rutgers 7

#8Miami (6-0) @ North Carolina (1-7) – 12PM ET, ESPN2

Prediction: Miami 40, North Carolina 13

#5Wisconsin (7-0) @ Illinois (2-5) – 12PM ET, ESPN

Prediction: Wisconsin 44, Illinois 10

Louisville (5-3) @ Wake Forest (4-3) – 12:20PM ET, ACC Network

Prediction: Louisville 34, Wake Forest 30

Virginia (5-2) @ Pittsburgh (3-5) – 12:30PM ET, ACC Network

Prediction: Virginia 27, Pittsburgh 21

Air Force (3-4) @ Colorado State (6-2) – 3PM ET, CBS Sports Network

Prediction: Colorado State 41, Air Force 34

Appalachian State (5-2) @ Massachusetts (1-6) – 3:30PM ET, Eleven Sports Network

Prediction: Appalachian State 37, Massachusetts 27

Indiana (3-4) @ Maryland (3-4) – 3:30PM ET, Big Ten Network

Prediction: Indiana 24, Maryland 20

#16Michigan State (6-1) @ Northwestern (4-3) – 3:30PM ET, ESPN

Prediction: Michigan State 21, Northwestern 17

Vanderbilt (3-4) @ South Carolina (5-2) – 4PM ET, SEC Network

Prediction: South Carolina 23, Vanderbilt 17

Utah (4-3) @ Oregon (4-4) – 5:45PM ET, Pac-12 Network

Prediction: Utah 31, Oregon 24

New Mexico (3-4) @ Wyoming (4-3) – 7:30PM ET, ESPNU

Prediction: New Mexico 28, Wyoming 20

Tennessee (3-4) @ Kentucky (5-2) – 7:30PM ET, SEC Network

Prediction: Tennessee 27, Kentucky 21

Nebraska (3-4) @ Purdue (3-4) – 7:30PM ET, Big Ten Network

Prediction: Purdue 24, Nebraska 20

Arkansas State (4-2) @ New Mexico State (3-4) – 8PM ET, ESPN3

Prediction: Arkansas State 41, New Mexico State 28 (Arkansas State -3 is a BEST BET for Week Nine)

Boise State (5-2) @ Utah State (4-4) – 10PM ET, CBS Sports Network

Prediction: Boise State 30, Utah State 20

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