#4-iowa-logo#4 Iowa
9:00 pm, January 21
#7-michigan-logo#7 Michigan
7:00 pm, January 22
#9-kansas-logo#9 Kansas
12:00 pm, January 23
#23-uconn-logo#23 UConn
#11-creighton-logo#11 Creighton
12:00 pm, January 23
#2-baylor-logo#2 Baylor
oklahoma-state-logoOklahoma State
2:00 pm, January 23
#20-clemson-logo#20 Clemson
florida-state-logoFlorida State
3:00 pm, January 23
#15-ohio-state-logo#15 Ohio State
#10-wisconsin-logo#10 Wisconsin
4:00 pm, January 23
#19-missouri-logo#19 Missouri
#6-tennessee-logo#6 Tennessee
8:30 pm, January 23
#9-kansas-logo#9 Kansas69
#2-baylor-logo#2 Baylor77
#15-ohio-state-logo#15 Ohio State65
#18-alabama-logo#18 Alabama105
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ATS Best Bets and Predictions for College Football’s Week Six

Straight Up (35 Games per week, but hurricanes caused cancellations in Weeks 1&2)

Week One: 30-4 (88%)
Week Two: 26-6 (81%)
Week Three: 26-9 (74%)
Week Four: 27-8 (77%)
Week Five: 29-6 (83%)
Season: 111-25 (82%)

ATS Best Bets

Week One: 3-1 (100 dollar bet on each would’ve won 200$)
Week Two: 8-1 (100 dollar bet on each would’ve won 700$)
Week Three: 6-1 (100 dollar bet on each would’ve won 500$)
Week Four: 3-5 (100 dollar bet on each would’ve lost 200$)
Week Five: 4-3 (100 dollar bet on each would’ve won 100$)
Season: 24-11 (100 dollar bet on each would’ve won 1300$)


NC State (+3.5) over Louisville (8PM Thursday)
Duke (+2.5) over Virginia (12:20PM)
Southern Miss (+3.5) over UTSA (7PM)
Wisconsin (-11) over Nebraska (8PM)
Oregon (+3) over Washington State (8PM)

Given the small week on best bets, here are some other potential options I would look at that just missed the cut: Alabama -26.5, Purdue -4

*Originally Colorado State -8 was a Best Bet, but the line moved up, and because of that, it was taken off of the list on Friday at 1:33 PM, about 27 hourse before kickoff

Poll Rankings are AP Top 25 not my own, check out the CSD Top 25 by clicking the link

Tier One Games

Penn State (5-0) @ Northwestern (2-2) – 12PM ET, ABC

Northwestern has the potential to beat Penn State, yep, I said it. I don’t think they will, but more so than Wake Forest or Texas A&M, they have a chance. The Wildcats gave Wisconsin a run for their money last week in Camp Randall, this week, Northwestern is at home. The way the Wildcats run their offense, they can beat anyone if that team isn’t ready for their unique rushing attack, similar to Georgia Tech. Saquon Barkley is going to be incredible, and the Penn State defense might be the most undervalued unit in the country, but if they get caught sleeping, I’m just saying, keep it in your peripheral.

Prediction: Penn State 35, Northwestern 21

Wake Forest (4-1) @ #2Clemson (5-0) – 12PM ET, ESPN2

Wake Forest is okay, but like the TCU-West Virginia game that we will get to in a little bit, my problem with the Deacs is that their best performance this year was actually the loss last week to Florida State. Wake’s wins so far were against Boston College, Presbyterian, Utah State, and a last-second escape over Appalachian State. That’s not to say Wake Forest is a bad team, but that Florida State game started an absolute murderers row on their schedule. FSU, then Clemson, then Georgia Tech, Louisville, and NC State. Kelly Bryant will avoid a letdown game, the defense will be incredible once again, and Clemson will start the year 6-0.

Prediction: Clemson 40, Wake Forest 17

#23West Virginia (3-1) @ #8TCU (4-0) – 3:30PM ET, Fox Sports One

College Gameday will be in Fort Worth for the Big 12 clash between two top 25 teams. I personally don’t have West Virginia ranked, but the AP does. The reason that I left the Mountaineers as one of my “first teams out” is because arguably the best performance they’ve had this year is a close LOSS to Virginia Tech, the teams they’ve beaten (Deleware, ECU, and Kansas) are pretty weak resume boosters. TCU, on the other hand, went on the road into Stillwater and beat the best offense in the country, at home this time, your damn right I’m picking Gary Patterson.

Prediction: TCU 41, West Virginia 33

#1Alabama (5-0) @ Texas A&M (4-1) – 7:15PM ET, ESPN

Why did I even put this game on the list? On paper, it’s the number one team going on the road to a Texas A&M team that really should be 5-0 right now if it wasn’t for the infamous fake spike at UCLA, but given the Tide’s performance the last two weeks, this might not be close. Now, you’re right, this game should be a little closer than the previous two Alabama beatdowns, but anybody that thinks that Texas A&M has a shot at upsetting Nick Saban is fooling themselves, Give me Alabama by like, 30+.

Prediction: Alabama 47, Texas A&M 14

#11Washington State (5-0) @ Oregon (4-1) – 8PM ET, Fox

Before the field had been cleared following Washington State’s upset win over USC, I had this game circled. I didn’t even have USC in my top ten coming into the week, so Wazzu’s win wasn’t as surprising to me as it was to some people. I knew that they would shoot up in the polls, but the thing is, the Cougs aren’t a perfect team. They struggled into triple overtime at home, and probably should have lost to a Boise State team that got killed in Boise by Virginia. This was going to be my upset, and then, Justin Herbert got injured. That threw things into all sorts of wack, but now that I’ve had time to think about it, I’m sticking with my upset. Oregon was going to rely of halfback Royce Freeman anyway, but (assuming he ends up starting) backup quarterback Braxton Burmeister can fill in if needed, the dual-threat freshman racked up almost 6,000 all purpose yards in his senior year of high school. Oregon’s defense is better, Royce Freeman is a monster in the backfield, and Oregon will pull the upset in a letdown spot coming off of the USC game for Wazzu.

Prediction: Oregon 37, Washington State 31 (Oregon +3 is a BEST BET for Week Six)

Tier Two Games

#17Louisville (4-1) @ #24NC State (4-1) – 8PM ET, ESPN (Thursday)

Prediction: NC State 37, Louisville 30 (NC State +3.5 is a BEST BET for Week Six)

Ole Miss (2-2) @ #12Auburn (4-1) – 12PM ET, SEC Network

Prediction: Auburn 41, Ole Miss 17

#5Georgia (5-0) @ Vanderbilt (3-2) – 12PM ET, ESPN

Prediction: Georgia 35, Vanderbilt 14

Iowa State (2-2) @ #3Oklahoma (4-0) – 12PM ET, Fox

Prediction: Oklahoma 48, Iowa State 21

#13Miami (3-0) @ Florida State (1-2) – 3:30PM ET, ESPN

Prediction: Miami 30, Florida State 27

#21Notre Dame (4-1) @ North Carolina (1-4) – 3:30PM ET, ABC

Prediction: Notre Dame 40, North Carolina 21

Maryland (3-1) @ #10Ohio State (4-1) – 4PM ET, Fox

Prediction: Ohio State 45, Maryland 17

Michigan State (3-1) @ #7Michigan (4-0) – 7:30PM ET, ABC

Prediction: Michigan 30, Michigan State 17

#9Wisconsin (4-0) @ Nebraska (3-2) – 8PM ET, Big Ten Network

Prediction: Wisconsin 38, Nebraska 17 (Wisconsin -11.5 is a BEST BET for Week Six)

California (3-2) @ #6Washington (5-0) – 10:45PM ET, ESPN

Prediction: Washington 45, California 14

Tier Three Games

Boise State (2-2) @ BYU (1-4) – 10:15PM ET, ESPN (Friday)

Prediction: Boise State 27, BYU 19

Eastern Michigan (2-2) @ Toledo (3-1) – 12PM ET, CBS Sports Network

Prediction: Toledo 34, Eastern Michigan 24

Illinois (2-2) @ Iowa (3-2) – 12PM ET, Big Ten Network

Prediction: Iowa 30, Illinois 10

Duke (4-1) @ Virginia (3-1) – 12:20PM ET, ACC Network

Prediction: Duke 28, Virginia 20 (Duke +2.5 is a BEST BET for Week Six)

Pitt (2-3) @ Syracuse (2-3) – 12:30PM ET, ACC Network

Prediction: Syracuse 37, Pittsburgh 31

Western Michigan (3-2) @ Buffalo (3-2) – 3:30PM ET, ESPN3

Prediction: Western Michigan 34, Buffalo 24

Air Force (1-3) @ Navy (4-0) – 3:30PM ET, CBS Sports Network

Prediction: Navy 31, Air Force 28

LSU (3-2) @ #21Florida (3-1) – 3:30PM ET, CBS

Prediction: Florida 28, LSU 20

Minnesota (3-1) @ Purdue (2-2) – 3:30PM ET, ESPN2

Prediction: Purdue 30, Minnesota 20

Oregon State (1-4) @ #14USC (4-1) – 4PM ET, Pac-12 Network

Prediction: USC 48, Oregon State 14

Arkansas (2-2) @ South Carolina (3-2) – 4PM ET, SEC Network

Prediction: Arkansas 27, South Carolina 21

Colorado State (3-2) @ Utah State (3-2) – 4:30PM ET, No TV

Prediction: Colorado State 38, Utah State 24

Southern Miss (2-2) @ UTSA (4-0) – 7PM, Facebook Live

Prediction: UTSA 30, Southern Miss 24 (Southern Miss +13.5 is a BEST BET for Week Six)

SMU (4-1) @ Houston (3-1) – 7PM ET, CBS Sports Network

Prediction: Houston 35, SMU 30

Kansas State (3-1) @ Texas (2-2) – 7PM ET, Fox Sports One

Prediction: Texas 33, Kansas State 24

#16Virginia Tech (4-1) @ Boston College (2-3) – 7:15PM ET, ESPN2

Prediction: Virginia Tech 34, Boston College 14

Arizona (2-2) @ Colorado (3-2) – 8PM ET, Pac-12 Network

Prediction: Colorado 31, Arizona 26

#25UCF (3-0) @ Cincinnati (2-3) – 8PM ET, ESPNU

Prediction: UCF 35, Cincinnati 14

Stanford (3-2) @ #20Utah (4-0) – 10:15PM ET, Fox Sports One

Prediction: Stanford 31, Utah 28

#19San Diego State (5-0) @ UNLV (2-2) – 10:45PM ET, ESPN2

Prediction: San Diego State 37, UNLV 24

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