#9-kansas-logo#9 Kansas69
#2-baylor-logo#2 Baylor77
#15-ohio-state-logo#15 Ohio State65
#18-alabama-logo#18 Alabama105
#4-iowa-logo#4 Iowa69
#7-michigan-logo#7 Michigan70
#9-kansas-logo#9 Kansas68
#23-uconn-logo#23 UConn66
#11-creighton-logo#11 Creighton74
#2-baylor-logo#2 Baylor81
oklahoma-state-logoOklahoma State66
#20-clemson-logo#20 Clemson61
florida-state-logoFlorida State80
#15-ohio-state-logo#15 Ohio State74
#10-wisconsin-logo#10 Wisconsin62
#19-missouri-logo#19 Missouri73
#6-tennessee-logo#6 Tennessee64
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Week 4 College Football Top 25 – A New #1

IMPORTANT: Something that I do differently, especially in the early season when we don’t know as much, is I don’t drop teams if they lose a game to another top 10 or top 25 team (see Auburn, who actually moved up despite losing, because they played on the road against Clemson.) To me, a loss to a top 25, especially one-possession losses (Auburn, Notre Dame) is better than beating up on Rutgers and Montana (cough, cough Washington). Miami has to beat someone other than Bethune-Cookman to move up, that’s just how I do my top 25, if you do it differently, that’s okay.

ALSO: I completley redid my top 25 this week, so there might be some weird stuff (Louisville moving up, Florida moving down) that’s because I redid my whole top 25 before the games, so Florida actually did move up, and Louisville actually did move down, just not compared to last week.

Rank Team Change Result Explanation
 1  Clemson (3-0)  Up 3  Beat Louisville 47-21  My preseason playoff picks dominated this week, but of the four, Clemson looked the most impressive. The Tigers have wins over Louisville (on the road) and Auburn. They’ve got Virginia Tech in two weeks, potentially adding another top 25 win to their resume, it’s everybody chasing Clemson, that is just how it is so far. The defense is incredible, Kelly Bryant has been impressive, and Clemson is all-around everything a #1 would want.
 2  Oklahoma (3-0)  None  Beat Tulane 56-14  Little bit of controversy here. I moved Ohio State above Florida State this week, so it’s only common sense that Oklahoma would move ahead of Alabama. Ohio State on the road is the best win on any team’s resume far this year, and I don’t see the Sooners dropping from this spot, they don’t play a team with a winning record until October 21st.
 3  Alabama (3-0)  Down 2  Beat Colorado State 41-23  Alabama drops from the #1 spot due to no fault of their own. Bama plays Vanderbilt this week, followed by Ole Miss, Texas A&M, Arkansas, and Tennesse. I would be shocked if the Crimson Tide doesn’t roll into the November 4th matchup with LSU undefeated, that’s just how Nick Saban rolls.
 4  Penn State (3-0)  Down 1  Beat Georgia State 56-0  Penn State hasn’t played anybody yet, but they’ve sure looked good doing it. They’ve played Akron, Pitt, and Georgia State so far, and have won by an average score of 47-5. That will change when the Nittany Lions take on Iowa this week, we’ll see what the defense can do against the ground and pound attack of the Hawkeyes.
 5  USC (3-0)  None  Beat Texas 27-24 (2OT)  I just, I don’t know… USC impressed everybody last week by dominating Stanford, but after the Cardinal lost to San Diego State, I don’t know how impressive that win is anymore. They struggled with Texas at home, but Texas is probably better than people give them credit for. The Trojans have back to back road games against undefeated Cal and Washington State, that should tell us if they are for real.
 6  Oklahoma State (3-0)  Up 5  Beat Pitt 59-21  I’m sold on Oklahoma State. I was a lot lower on them preseason than most, ranking them in the mid to low teens to start the year, just three weeks in, and I was considering putting them in the top four. The offense could be the best in the country, and the defense, while not at SEC level, is actually okay this year. OK State will have TCU this week, with a chance to put a top 25 win on their resume.
 7  Ohio State (2-1) Up 1  Beat Army 38-7  Ohio State came out angry against the United States Army, and they dominated all facets of the game. Despite the Week Two loss, Ohio State is still very much a playoff contender, and yes, they deserve to be ranked ahead of undefeated teams, if OSU played Montana and Fresno State, they’d be undefeated too.
 8  Florida State (0-1)  Down 2  “Bye Week”  I won’t penalize Florida State for having an injured quarterback, rankings shouldn’t be predictions to me, NC State this weekend kind of smells like an upset alert game after the ‘Noles were off for two weeks, we will finally get to see how Florida State deals with the loss of Deondre Francois.
 9  Wisconsin (3-0)  Up 4  Beat BYU 40-6  Yeah, BYU probably isn’t very good this year, but sorry, going into Provo and winning by five touchdowns is still impressive to me. Wisconsin is the team that I feel like I can never get a grasp on because of their schedule, but they move into the top ten.
 10  Washington (3-0)  Up 2  Beat Fresno State 48-16  All right Washington, you beat up on some cupcakes, now it’s time to show if you are for real. On the road, against my #23 team, let’s see if the Huskies sink or swim. I’m a lot lower on Washington (for now) because they haven’t played anyone, but they beat Colorado and they will have earned my respect.
 11  Auburn (2-1)  Down 1  Beat Mercer 24-10  Auburn took care of business against Mercer, the Tigers are still in that weird place where they are kind of the buffer between the national championship contenders and just the good teams. The game against Mississippi State on September 30th got a lot more interesting after this week.
 12  Michigan (3-0)  Down 3  Beat Air Force 29-13  I’m not really feeling the Wolverines right now, back-to-back unimpressive performances against group of five opponents drops the Wolverines out of my top ten. They’ll take on a Purdue team this weekend that almost knocked off Louisville in Week One.
 13  Mississippi State (3-0)  Up 9  Beat LSU 37-7  Raise your hand if you had Mississippi State ranked before this week, that’s right, I’m raising my hand. Last week, I said “Right now Mississippi State is the #1 darkhorse team in America” they aren’t a darkhorse after beating LSU, and they deserve to be a top 15 team.
 14  LSU (2-1)  Down 7  Lost to Mississippi State 37-7  LSU got killed on the road by Mississippi State, but it wouldn’t be fair for me to drop them ten spots for a loss to a team I think is top-15 worthy. I realize most people won’t agree with me keeping them above undefeated Georgia, but if those two teams played on a neutral field, I would pick LSU (and so would Vegas)
 15  Georgia (3-0)  None  Beat Samford 42-14  Beat an FCS team, nothing to see here. They host, Mississippi State this week, and that will tell us which Bulldogs from the SEC deserve to be ranked in the top 15. The win over another ranked team (albeit by one point) keeps them ranked ahead of TCU, Virginia Tech, Miami and other undefeated teams.
 16  Notre Dame (2-1)  None  Beat Boston College 49-20  The passing game didn’t look great, but that didn’t matter last week, the Irish ran all over Boston College, racking up 515 yards on the ground. They could be jumped as other teams get big wins, the Irish don’t have that opportunity until late October against USC.
 17  Virginia Tech (3-0)  Up 8  Beat East Carolina 64-17  Well, that answered my question. I moved the Hokies down to #25 (they were in the high 20’s) after the offense struggled to move the ball against FCS Deleware, but it’s as if Virginia Tech heard the criticism. 64 points! The win against West Virginia is a nice piece for the resume.
 18  TCU (3-0)  None  Beat SMU 56-36  They were favored by 20 and they won by 20, no change in the ranking for TCU, although the Horned Frogs have an opportunity to skyrocket in my rankings as they face #6 Oklahoma State this week to kick off Big 12 play for both teams.
 19  Louisville (2-1)  Up 1  Lost to Clemson 47-21  Read the intro if you don’t understand why Louisville moved up (I redid my rankings on Thursday, so compared to those rankings Louisville moved down), I know it doesn’t make sense, but we’ll all manage, honestly does Miami (who has only beat Bethune-Cookman) deserve to jump them? I don’t know.
 20  Florida (1-1)  Down 3  Beat Tennessee 26-20  They beat a top 30 team, but might get less respect after this week. It seems Antonio Callaway might not be coming back, and the offense was bad again. The defense will keep them in some games in the crowded SEC East, but I feel confident saying Georgia is the new #1 on that half.
 21  Miami FL (1-0)  Down 2  “Bye Week”  They’ve only beat Bethune-Cookman, I realize it’s no fault of their own, and things are bad in Miami, but I’m not going to move them up for not playing a game (cough, AP). Don’t worry, Miami will have plenty of time to climb in these rankings, it’s just I can’t reward a team for not playing, even in these tragic of circumstances.
 22  Oregon (3-0)  Up 1  Beat Wyoming 49-13  I had the Ducks in my preseason top 25, and the AP finally decided to rank them after they beat a Wyoming team led by the (considerably overrated) Josh Allen. Conference play will kick off this week, I’d expect the Ducks to roll over Arizona State.
 23  Colorado (3-0)  NEW  Beat Northern Colorado 41-21  I had Colorado ranked after week one, dropped them out because I liked Mississippi State better, and now that some spots have opened up, the Buffs are back in. They host Washington this week, with a chance for a signature win to add to the resume.
 24  Washington State (3-0)  NEW  Beat Oregon State 52-23  It’s three Pac-12 teams in a row! Oregon State got murdered again, this time by the Cougars, and they move into the top 25 after my #14, #21, #24, #26, and #27 teams lost. Nevada should be an easy win this week, but after that the murder’s row begins, with back-to-back-to-back-to-back games against 3-0 teams, followed by a little break against Arizona, and then Stanford, Utah, and Washington to close out the year. Yikes.
 25  South Florida (3-0)  NEW  Beat Illinois 47-23  Yeah! An undefeated group of five team at #25, hopefully it doesn’t curse them like it did Troy last year. I wasn’t impressed with the Bulls in Week Zero, so I kept them out of my preseason Top 25, but now, after the win against Illinois, I feel pretty good about moving them in. The schedule is back loaded, with the toughest opponents; Houston, UCF, and Tulsa; as three of the last four games.

Dropped Out: #14 Stanford, #21 Kansas State, #24 UCLA

Just Missed The Cut – The 15 Next Best Teams (Not Best Resumes) In Alphabetical Order

Duke (3-0) – Undefeated with wins over two power-five teams
Georgia Tech (1-1) – Triple Option makes them dangerous against anybody
Houston (2-0) – Beat Arizona on the road, then killed Rice in Week 3
Kansas State (2-1) – They lost this week, but Bill Snyder will have them ready to go for Baylor
Kentucky (3-0) – Beat South Carolina, could be dangerous this year
Minnesota (3-0) – They’ve played nobody great, but they’ve dominated all three games
NC State (2-1) – I had them ranked preseason, still believe they are going to knock someone off
San Diego State (3-0) – Wins over Arizona State and Stanford, the Aztecs are the favorite for a New Year’s Six
South Carolina (2-1) – Beat NC State, still a relative unknown could be replaced by Vandy
Stanford (1-2) – Resume wise, it’s bad, but they are probably the best team of the bunch on the field even w/ two losses
Tennessee (2-1) – That win against Georgia Tech keeps them on this list
Texas (1-2) – Took a playoff team to 2OT, I think they’ll win seven or eight games
Texas A&M (2-1) – Probably doesn’t deserve to be here, but we will find out if they are for real or not this week against Arkansas
UCLA (2-1) – Lost to Memphis on the road, I still think they’re a top 40 team
Utah (3-0) – EVERY YEAR. Look at returning starters, recruiting, whatever, this shouldn’t be a bowl team but they’re 3-0

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