#23-nc-state-logo#23 NC State
#14-north-carolina-logo#14 North Carolina
12:00 pm, October 24
#5-ohio-state-logo#5 Ohio State
12:00 pm, October 24
#8-penn-state-logo#8 Penn State
3:30 pm, October 24
#3-notre-dame-logo#3 Notre Dame
3:30 pm, October 24
#2-alabama-logo#2 Alabama
3:30 pm, October 24
#17-iowa-state-logo#17 Iowa State
#6-oklahoma-state-logo#6 Oklahoma State
3:30 pm, October 24
south-carolina-logoSouth Carolina
7:00 pm, October 24
#18-michigan-logo#18 Michigan
#21-minnesota-logo#21 Minnesota
7:30 pm, October 24
#9-cincinnati-logo#9 Cincinnati
#16-smu-logo#16 SMU
9:00 pm, October 24

My 2018 NFL Draft Tight End Rankings

I always have to mention this, these are not projections of where these players will go, rather where I personally think they should go. Unlike my prospect breakdowns, these round grades DO take into account positional importance, so you may notice Josh Allen is graded as 1st to 2nd round prospect rather than a 2nd to 3rd round grade.

#1 – Dallas Goedert, South Dakota State

Goedert is my favorite prospect from what is a shallow tight end group. He is a good route runner who can catch passes and be a good blocker in the run game, obviously the FCS level of competition is a concern

Grade: Round 2

#2 – Mike Gesicki, Penn State

Gesicki is the best receiver out of this group, and at a 4.54 40-yard dash, he is practically a receiver. His biggest downside is that he could not be a three down starter because of his poor blocking.

Grade: Round 2

#3 – Hayden Hurst, South Carolina

Solid pass catcher, not a great blocker. He is already 25 years old and still has a lot to learn, if he were a few years younger he could compete for a spot as my tight end number one.

Grade: Round 2

#4 – Mark Andrews, Oklahoma

Great player in the passing game who was a red zone machine. He isn’t as athletic as the top three in this class, but he can be used as a vertical threat at times, and he isn’t a great blocker.

Grade: Round 3

#5 – Ian Thomas, Indiana

Great athlete who also one of the better blockers in this weak class for blocking tight ends. He has solid hands and does not drop very many hands. His size as a bit of a concern.

Grade: Round 3-4

#6 – Dalton Schultz, Stanford

A real two-way tight end who is aggressive and nasty as a blocker but also is athletic enough to be a big weapon in the passing game. Needs to become a little bigger and stronger.

Grade: Round 3-4

#7 – Christopher Herndon, Miami

Grade: Round 4

#8 – Jordan Aikens, UCF

Grade: Round 5

#9 – Troy Fumagalli, Wisconsin

Grade: Round 5

#10 – Tyler Conklin, Central Michigan

Grade: Round 5-6

#11 – Durham Smythe, Notre Dame

Grade: Round 6-7

#12 – Ryan Izzo, Florida State

Grade: Round 6-7

#13 – Jordan Thomas, Mississippi State

Grade: Round 6-UDFA

#14 – Will Dissly, Washington

Grade: Round 6-UDFA

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