My 2018 NFL Draft Offensive Tackle Rankings

I always have to mention this, these are not projections of where these players will go, rather where I personally think they should go. Unlike my prospect breakdowns, these round grades DO take into account positional importance, so you may notice Josh Allen is graded as 1st to 2nd round prospect rather than a 2nd to 3rd round grade.

#1 – Mike McGlinchey, Notre Dame

McGlinchey is everything you want in somebody that can make the transition to the NFL day one. He has experience playing at both the right and left tackle positions, he is athletic, has some of the best hands in the draft, and can move really well for a tackle.

Grade: Round 1

#2 – Connor Williams, Texas

Williams is a great athlete who should great protection in both pass protection and the run game, and he is only 20 years old, meaning he still has a lot of time to develop. Injury concerns have arisen after a knee injury kept him sidelined for half of this past season.

Grade: Round 1

#3 – Orlando Brown, Oklahoma

Brown is huge, coming an at a gigantic 6’8″, 345 pounds. He frustrates defenders with his big frame, and played on big stages at Oklahoma. His testing at the combine was poor.

Grade: Round 2

#4 – Kolton Miller, UCLA

Miller ran a sub-five second 40-time, which is very impressive for a tackle. He is great in pass protection, and can often survive bull rush moves by dropping his center of gravity.

Grade: Round 2

#5 – Jamarco Jones, Ohio State

At 6’4″, 299 pounds, he is a little undersized, but he started two years at one of the best schools in the country, and showed great technique, even if the size and athleticism weren’t there.

Grade: Round 2

#6 – Chukwuma Okorafor, Western Michigan

Okorafor has great size at 6’6″, 320 pounds, and his grip is some of the best I’ve seen. He is very inexperienced, but has played many positions during his time at Western Michigan

Grade: Round 2-3

#7 – Brian O’Neill, Pittsburgh

O’Neill is very raw, but he has all the tools. At 6’7″, 297 pounds, he has great athleticism and could fit right in with a pull blocking scheme. Right now his technique struggles, but he will get there with time.

Grade: Round 3

#8 – Geron Christian, Louisville

Christian has good size at 6’6″, 298 pounds and has great footwork, natural instincts, and enough athleticism to move from side to side to keep up with edge rushers.

Grade: Round 3

#9 – Desmond Harrison, West Georgia

A great athlete with a mean streak who has some of the best recoveries in the draft. Has a tremendous upside, but his small size and small college experience means he needs a year or two to bulk up and improve his technique.

Grade: Round 3

#10 – Martinas Rankin, Mississippi State

Rankin has great initial contact off the line that jolts defenders, although he does sometimes struggle against speed edge rushers or powerful bull rushers crashing inside.

Grade: Round 3-4

#11 – Will Richardson, NC State

Nice size as 6’6″, 306 pounds and showed great upside in the passing and running game. He was suspended in 2017 for drug-related issues and was charged with DWI in 2015, so off-field issues are a problem.

Grade: Round 3-4

#12 – Joe Noteboom, TCU

Grade: Round 4

#13 – Brandon Parker, North Carolina A&T

Grade: Round 4-5

#14 – Alex Cappa, Humboldt

Grade: Round 4-5

#15 – Ike Boettger, Iowa

Grade: Round 4-6

#16 – Toby Weathersby, LSU

Grade: Round 4-6

#17 – Greg Senat, Wagner

Grade: 4-6

#18 – KC McDermott, Miami

Grade: Round 5-6

#19 – Zach Crabtree, Oklahoma State

Grade: Round 5-7

#20 – Brett Toth, Army

Grade: Round 6-7

#21 – David Bright, Stanford

Grade: Round 6-7

#22 – Cole Madsion, Washington State

Grade: Round 6-7

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